Wednesday, March 25, 2009

City Council Meeting...

Last night, Gove and I attended our first city council meeting. After hearing Oliver DeMille this month at the annual Thomas Jefferson Forum in SLC, Gove deiced he should start attending and I am interested in seeing how things work. First I was surprised that an opening prayer is given. I saw a number of scouts in the audience and they participated with both the prayer and pledge.
We listened as one man was granted the right to build on University Ave. at about 800north, another man was denied his townhouse proposal because it seem the majority of the council wanted more then 1.5 baths for a three bedroom townhouse and are concerned this type of housing will have faster turnover rates.
The city council seems concerned with the need for local neighborhood leadership through people who are long term residence.
There was a heated discussion from the public regarding an area east of BYU. It sounds like there are people who violate the terms for dwellings with an apartment and somehow the owner of the deed or mortgage needs to be living in the home as well. It appeared to me that the older people did not want this change passed but that younger married people did. The change did pass.
One side note here, apparently you can only have a guest stay in your home for 30 days!!

Not sounding very clear to you? You can watch the proceeding on channel 17. There was a little talk that maybe the city is looking into broadcasting on the web possibly.

Now, to find out who are neighborhood chair person is...

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