Friday, March 20, 2009

I've thought about blogging a lot lately. Really I've been thinking about it and wondering why I feel like holding myself back. I've had plenty to think about. Somehow when I decided to not take a history class this semester and instead focus on my health, I found myself turning away from this blog.

And here I am at 4pm and needing to get dinner ready so we can be off to our honey bee class for beginners. Surprise! Bethany won a bee hive February 13th. She, with help from her family wrote an essay and won second place (there where about ten 2nd place winners).

My weight training and fat loss is going very well. I've lost 18.2 pounds of fat in the past 8 weeks. (My scale says I've lost 21 pounds). Outside of feeling like a cold is coming on, I've been feeling great. My arms are stronger, and I actually ran at 4mph for just over 4 minutes this week. I'm sure I can push myself more now. I look forward to climbing to the "Y" with the kids very soon.

Did you watch the youtube below this post? My words lack the power I'd like to give them and so I think that is also a reason for me staying away. Maybe I can try again....


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Christina said...

Congrats on your fitness goals! You're doing great. I loved the video; very sweet.

Nickie said...

Thank you Cristina! Today I officially lost 20 pounds! Now I get a pedicure.

My kids have been talking about this and the meaning of words this week.