Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time For Another Round Of Continental Learning...

Do you know that the word 'coin' is supposed to be used to describe a disk of precious metal? Since 1965 our coinage has not be made with silver and so according to Uncle Eric we are actually using tokens as our money.

Today for our home leaning we started to read Uncle Eric's book, Whatever Happened To Penny Candy. Coinage today is called clad because of the copper/nickel-zinc metals pressed together to make the coin. Look at a penny and nickle. They have no groves along the outside called reeding, unlike dimes and quarters which do have reeding more commonly called milling. He says this has something to do with inflation and recession.

I have a 1964 silver quarter. Our daddy says that the groves were used to show if someone was removing silver from the coin and once the edges where smooth then that amount of silver was no longer worth 25 cents.

We did not know that our paper money use to also say "Silver Certificate" instead of "Federal Reserve Note".

This book sounds like it's going to be a great learning tool for us. We also started World War II by the same author. We are going to learn more about the Eastern Front. I am surprised at the numbers of Russians killed. Over 18 million.

To learn more about continental learning, you'd have to watch Liberty's Kids. Which I don't even know if it's on PBS anymore. Sorry.

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