Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bring On The Bees!!

Here they are! Three pounds of Italian honey bees minus those who have lived out their life cycles. The queen is in a small box hanging from the center of this larger box.

We applied a sugar/essential oil based in water on the the bees and foundations where the workers will begin to build honeycomb to provide places for the queen to lay eggs.

This sweet girl is ready to take on the business of bees!

Here's another great girl ready to do her part.

Sorry, this isn't clear but it's the queen in her little cage, which is now hanging between two foundations (that's where the workers will apply the wax to make combs for the eggs, pollen, and honey)

She looked fine. Larger with a longer abdomen. In 7 days we will check the hive and try to make sure the queen is there, laying eggs and that life is progressing forward and hopefully not towards death. Cross your fingers. The queen cage has an opening into which we placed a small piece of marshmallow so that she would not get out tonight but within the next two or three days the workers should eat through it and let the queen out.

Another happy bee worker.

Gove and I just went out at 10:25pm and saw that there was a group of bees huddling close for warmth still inside the package. We decided to lift the inner cover (that's the cover the can is setting on) and shake the remaining bees into the center of the hive. We also placed( temporarily) the second brood box on top so that we could place the outer cover (that's the cover you see resting on the can) on top of the box in case it rains, it protects the hive a little better.

The bees sounded happy, making their humming noise.
The good news is that no one was stung this evening. None of use ended up using the veils or gloves. We just went for it. Once I started to shake out the bees and they started to fly I was a little nervous and decided when we go out to work our hives we better have our veils on for added measure.

Great big thanks goes out to the good people at the Utah County Bee Keepers Association. They made this possible.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Sister...

My sister Carrie, is running in her first 1/2 marathon tomorrow in SLC. I frankly call this a marathon. Good luck sis!

Carrie is running against human trafficking around the world.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Surgical Sunday

I guess Easter Sunday couldn't be pulled off completely without a little drama...

(notice the shine of my girls (as in hens) eggs? I rubbed a little coconut oil on them. They should taste great.

thus Mattia provides the excitement for the evening...

Two internal and eight external stitches later... she's good as new

As we left the Insta Care center, Tia turned to me and said she figured she just had a date with Mom and Dad. I agreed since we just spent $35.

I was smiling and yes, she realized I was teasing her.

Do you think this is going to teach her not to lean back on the legs of a chair?

Especially when there's a glass plate on the floor below.

If we value independence, if we are disturbed by the growing conformity of knowledge, of values, of attitudes, which our present system induces, then we may wish to set up conditions of learning which make for uniqueness, for self-direction, and for self-initiated learning.

Carl Rogers

Monday, April 13, 2009

Utah Valley beekeepers: Take us to your swarm

Caleb Warnock - DAILY HERALD

With local bee populations decimated over the past several years because of mite infestations, Utah Valley beekeepers are looking for bee swarms to save.
"Honey bee populations are on the decline, so we are losing them," said Neil Shelley of the Utah County Beekeepers Association. "Capturing the swarms allows us to maintain what would otherwise be lost."

Neighborhood gardens, orchards and farms are dependent upon honey bees, which do the vast majority of local pollinating, he said. Many people don't realize how precarious the local harvest would be without the work of local beekeepers.

Without human help to treat the devastating mites that plague hives, local bees "are only going to survive for a short period of time," he said.

Though swarms typically begin appearing in March, this year's extended cold spell has prevented that. But Shelley said he expects the first swarms to begin appearing within a week. Residents who happen to find themselves in the path of a swarm typically call police or fire crews for help, and beekeepers want local residents and emergency personnel to know that certified beekeepers stand at the ready to remove any swarm in the county within 45 minutes.

In a typical year, the group collects about 60 local swarms, Shelley said.

The bees are shaken into a bucket, poured into a standard hive box, and then left on location until after dark, he said. That is because once the bees are put into the box, several hundred immediately leave to find food for the new colony. Bees that are accidently left behind when keepers remove a swarm can become confused and frustrated, so keepers wait until after dark to remove the hive in the box, knowing that by nightfall all the bees will have returned to the hive.

Though a swarm may sound and look menacing, in truth "they are relatively harmless," he said, noting the bees are much too busy moving themselves to be bothered with human beings.

Anyone who finds a swarm is asked to call Neil Shelley at (801) 822-4114. A certified beekeeper will be dispatched to collect the hive immediately.

Hmmm... I just Came Across This

You can participate here in Provo:
*April 15th*
*5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Old Utah County Courthouse at the corner of University and Center*
For more information contact David

Friday, April 10, 2009

We ought to consider what is the end of government before we determine which is the best form. Upon this point all speculative politicians will agree that the happiness of society is the end of government, as all divines and moral philosophers will agree that the happiness of the individual is the end of man....All sober inquirers after truth, ancient and modern, pagan and Christian, have declared that the happiness of man, as well as his dignity, consists in virtue.

John Adams

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Do you have a compass for the week? Of all the interesting and important things that you could do with your family, what will you focus on this week?"

Cat Charissage It's Time!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Visiting With Our City Council Members...

I realize what I'm about to say is not that big of a deal but all the was kind of fun.

Gove and I attended our second city council meeting tonight. Luckily it was a light evening with three awards and a few issues regarding the allocation of additional funds for various departments. Then it was over, and it wasn't even 8:00pm. Wow, I like this kind of meeting compared to two weeks ago which ended at 10pm.

I jumped up and was ready to go when my husband said we should set and wait and see what happens. Why? I asked. And then my answer walked straight towards me.

Mayor Lewis Billings came and thanked us for attending and sitting on the front row (thank Gove's long body for that). And would you believe he remembered us sitting there at the last meeting. So we shook hands. And then three of the seven council members thanked us for coming and really seemed to like it when I said we have decided to become citizens concerned for our community.

I might add that I told them I was very interested in the chicken issue that I had heard on KSL radio. And get a load of this...the council is also interested and is working towards a positive potential for families to have a small number of chickens. They are still some distance from a set plan, however, they will be discussing it at the next meeting which is the first Tuesday in May at 7pm.

Cool. Now I'm really happy to have attended as this is an issue I want to support. Luckily I did not let it slip that I actually have chickens now and love our colored eggs already colored for Easter.

Back Fever...kind of like cabin fever

I'd like to be spreading fertilizer, or working in the gardens on this lovely spring day...

My back is not healed completely, yet I did walk slowly yesterday and started at a faster pace this afternoon only to slow down after a couple tinges of awareness that I'm still healing.

I'd really like to be exercising again and strengthening my body machine and losing fat which I think is on hold. I have not been on the scale. I'm waiting until my check in this Thursday.

Gove and I attended the temple and so did half of the community it seemed. We could not even get into the 5:40am session and might have missed the second session if we were not there so early. I'm not complaining, I'm glad to see so many desiring to head the counsel of Elder Bednar.

We finally returned to the BYU Art Museum today. Some time ago we decided to boycott because they would not let I and the kids set and color in our nature books any images we felt a fancy for. Well, we all had our feathers in hot water back then. We had heard that the 'I Spy' guy, Walter Wicks has a display. I think it was a good way to reintroduce ourselves back to the museum.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Past Days...

This is what we call "bedroom math".

It's relaxing, different, fun, and you're learning at the same time!

Imagine that.

t's funny how things happen with homeschooling.

I suggested that we do math in bed about a
month ago while the kids were preparing for their Singapore lessons. I thought it might be fun. I wasn't wrong. Now we often do this.

Words are so powerful. I forget to use them to inspire a change. Like last week, we are doing mental math and I said to the kids that it was time for another round of continental math learning and they were totally excited. All because I used a word from Liberty's Kids. 'Contenential'

Very interesting! Last month, Beth was peeling her hard boiled egg and discovered this in the middle.

What would you call it? How about ring around the yoky?

What do you think caused this? I don't know myself.

Here is Beth earning her second place in the Bee A Beekeeper essay contest sponsored by the Utah County Bee Association.

She received a brood hive box with 10 frames with foundation, veil and hat, hive tool, a 3 lb. package of bees, which will be arriving on the 18th of this month. A one year membership and state registration, and if that wasn't enough the whole family attended a two day beginners class and received a book called First Lessons In Bee Keeping.

Wow! Not a bad month.

Now to get the hive put together and the apiary selected. We're going to be bee keepers can you believe it!

Last night we went to our monthly meeting and watched how to 'hive a package' This is going to be totally interesting, nerve racking too being so close to those wonderful honey bees.

When planning for a year, plant corn.

When planning for a decade, plant trees.

When planning for life, train and educate people.

Chinese Proverb

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Sitting...

Warning... my typing may looked a little slurred. I've medicated myself in the hopes of relaxing my lover (oops, that's a slur) (it should say lower) back muscles. Monday morning I was lifting weights for one of my hamstring exercises and out went my back. I was feeling better yesterday but this morning things are pretty tight again. Thus I take the T3's in hope of less pain later today.

This morning was my weekly weigh in. I think my coach, "Little Man Dan" is swell. He did not charge me for this week and demands that I let my back heal over this new week. The good news is 21 pounds lost over 9 weeks. It is amazing to put on freshly washed slacks and have them hang below my waist line! Wow....and my libido seems to be picking up the pace which has been, need I say,

I really wanted to post about our children. My heart felt quite happy to hear the kids talk about how excited they are to go help move the Coopers into grandma's house later today and then to go help clean the church Saturday morning. It lifts my heart to hear them talk to each other about how fun it is to so serve and help others. We should be serving at the store house this morning but the mom said next week. Maybe lots of kids feel this way, I tent to think not.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is This Sick Feeling Related To Communism???

Does anyone feel uncomfortable with hearing the President of America inform the nation on Monday that a leader of a private industry (in this case GM) was resigning?
Does anyone feel like something is wrong with the idea that the government is going to provide warranties for cars?
Is anyone else really uneasy with the idea of testing teens for depression and using drugs to change their behavior?
These are three things I heard Monday and the ideas leave me feeling like something is becoming very wrong in our society. It sounds like more Socialism.

I told this to the other moms at our homeschool group this morning, and Jodie suggested I read Friedrich Engels' Principles of Communism.

WELL, no wonder I've felt like something is wrong with what President Obama has been saying!

I think I'm reading in the beginning of these principles that because of the Industrial Revolution, Europe lost it's georgics communities and was replaced with the cities where the bourgeoisie are the bad capitalist and the proletarians are the former handicrafts man and farmers of the countryside and are like slaves or rather worse then slaves within the cities of these big factories.

It feels like Obama is trying to implement these principles of Engels. And I feel that it's not just people in the government either.

This is the first statement that stands out to me. In particular the abolishing of private property.
The slave frees himself when, of all the relations of private property,
he abolishes only the relation of slavery and thereby becomes a
proletarian; the proletarian can free himself only by abolishing private
property in general.
(Q:7 last paragraph)

Here are some other thoughts from the Principles of Communism that seem to be happening around us right now...
The proletarian liberates himself by
abolishing competition, private property,
and all class differences.

Now Friedrich offers his 14th question and this is where I am feeling uncomfortable, like I'm seeing these things he wrote in 1847 happening in 2009... here is his question and answer.

What will this new social order have to be like?

Above all, it will have to take the control of industry and of all
branches of production out of the hands of mutually competing
individuals, and instead institute a system in which all these branches
of production are operated by society as a whole -- that is, for the
common account, according to a common plan, and with the participation
of all members of society.

It will, in other words, abolish competition and replace it with association.

Q:18 What will be the course of this revolution?
The main measures, emerging as the necessary result of existing
relations, are the following:

Limitation of private property through progressive taxation,
heavy inheritance taxes, abolition of inheritance through
collateral lines (brothers, nephews, etc.) forced loans, etc.

(ii) Gradual expropriation of landowners, industrialists, railroad
magnates and shipowners, partly through competition by state
industry, partly directly through compensation in the form of

(iii) Confiscation of the possessions of all emigrants and rebels
against the majority of the people.

(iv) Organization of labor or employment of proletarians on publicly
owned land, in factories and workshops, with competition among
the workers being abolished and with the factory owners, in so
far as they still exist, being obliged to pay the same high wages
as those paid by the state.

An equal obligation on all members of society to work until such
time as private property has been completely abolished.
Formation of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

Centralization of money and credit in the hands of the state
through a national bank with state capital, and the suppression
of all private banks and bankers.

(vii) Education of the number of national factories, workshops,
railroads, ships; bringing new lands into cultivation and
improvement of land already under cultivation -- all in
proportion to the growth of the capital and labor force at the
disposal of the nation.

viii) Education of all children, from the moment they can leave their
mother's care, in national establishments at national cost.
Education and production together.

(ix) Construction, on public lands, of great palaces as communal
dwellings for associated groups of citizens engaged in both
industry and agriculture and combining in their way of life the
advantages of urban and rural conditions while avoiding the
one-sidedness and drawbacks of each.

(x) Destruction of all unhealthy and jerry-built dwellings in urban

(xi) Equal inheritance rights for children born in and out of wedlock.

(xii) Concentration of all means of transportation in the hands of the

That's it for now, I want to get a nice dinner going for my good husband. Hubba hubba.