Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bring On The Bees!!

Here they are! Three pounds of Italian honey bees minus those who have lived out their life cycles. The queen is in a small box hanging from the center of this larger box.

We applied a sugar/essential oil based in water on the the bees and foundations where the workers will begin to build honeycomb to provide places for the queen to lay eggs.

This sweet girl is ready to take on the business of bees!

Here's another great girl ready to do her part.

Sorry, this isn't clear but it's the queen in her little cage, which is now hanging between two foundations (that's where the workers will apply the wax to make combs for the eggs, pollen, and honey)

She looked fine. Larger with a longer abdomen. In 7 days we will check the hive and try to make sure the queen is there, laying eggs and that life is progressing forward and hopefully not towards death. Cross your fingers. The queen cage has an opening into which we placed a small piece of marshmallow so that she would not get out tonight but within the next two or three days the workers should eat through it and let the queen out.

Another happy bee worker.

Gove and I just went out at 10:25pm and saw that there was a group of bees huddling close for warmth still inside the package. We decided to lift the inner cover (that's the cover the can is setting on) and shake the remaining bees into the center of the hive. We also placed( temporarily) the second brood box on top so that we could place the outer cover (that's the cover you see resting on the can) on top of the box in case it rains, it protects the hive a little better.

The bees sounded happy, making their humming noise.
The good news is that no one was stung this evening. None of use ended up using the veils or gloves. We just went for it. Once I started to shake out the bees and they started to fly I was a little nervous and decided when we go out to work our hives we better have our veils on for added measure.

Great big thanks goes out to the good people at the Utah County Bee Keepers Association. They made this possible.



Kacy said...

This is so cool. I can't wait to hear more about it.

Mitchell Family said...

That is amazing, congrats on your hive. I suggested to my husband that we get our own hive. He was less than enthusiastic about it :) I'll live vicariously through you then, keep us posted on it goes.

Christina said...

So fun!