Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Days Are Just Packed...

I was thinking of Calvin and Hobbes the comic series when my days are full and busy.

Two Fridays ago our neighbors Cristina and Kacy called to let us know of a swarm of possible bees, even maybe killer bees. I doubted the killer part and in our bee education so far, we have not heard of swarms on the ground but why not.
Sure enough the swarm was of honey bees who most likely had split from someones hive. I and my sister hurried home and hastily put together a brood box and ten frames. I did not have either a bottom or outer cover, and did not use glue. I made a few calls to members of the Utah County Bee Association and they each said give the bees a chance to accept the hive. By this time it's almost dark, raining and turning cold. Placing that box above the bees was the perfect protection for them and almost immediately they started to enter. It wasn't until Sunday morning that Gove and I were able to move the hive.
It turns out that you have to move a hive over 5 miles in order to erase their memory of their current home site. We returned Monday night and the bees were busy bringing in pollen.
Tomorrow we will fetch our bees and bring them back home.

Our Idaho cousins are here for a weekend visit. Sadly, my daughters started in with the stomach flu Saturday morning and then two cousins this morning.

Is this all possible because we cared for twins Thursday who's parents were ill and we so quickly became infected?


Meradith said...

I am so impressed by all this bee business! Those little things are so interesting. I've watched shows on bee keeping before and I just think it's totally fascinating. But you are doing the real life thing. Awesome! I'm sorry you've had sick babes at your house, the stomach flu is definitely going around. I had it two weeks ago. Usually from what my doctor tells me, it takes a few days for you to start showing symptoms once you've been exposed, so it could have been that. Either way, I sure appreciate you helping out last week. I know they were in a pretty pitiful state. Keep us posted on the bee keeping!!

Nickie said...

Hi Meradith,
I guess I should post about last nights adventure with the swarm we caught. In a nut shell, both my hands are swollen, I received 7 stings through my gloves (next time I double the gloves.

Besides that, it was a learning experience and I'll return more prepared in three weeks. My mentor is going o help me find the queen and we will replace her with a new queen who will change the genetic makeup of the group to something calmer like the Italians bees which we also have and they did a beautiful job letting us look at them and investigate their frames last night ( prior to the swarm bees).