Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Sitting...

Warning... my typing may looked a little slurred. I've medicated myself in the hopes of relaxing my lover (oops, that's a slur) (it should say lower) back muscles. Monday morning I was lifting weights for one of my hamstring exercises and out went my back. I was feeling better yesterday but this morning things are pretty tight again. Thus I take the T3's in hope of less pain later today.

This morning was my weekly weigh in. I think my coach, "Little Man Dan" is swell. He did not charge me for this week and demands that I let my back heal over this new week. The good news is 21 pounds lost over 9 weeks. It is amazing to put on freshly washed slacks and have them hang below my waist line! Wow....and my libido seems to be picking up the pace which has been, need I say,

I really wanted to post about our children. My heart felt quite happy to hear the kids talk about how excited they are to go help move the Coopers into grandma's house later today and then to go help clean the church Saturday morning. It lifts my heart to hear them talk to each other about how fun it is to so serve and help others. We should be serving at the store house this morning but the mom said next week. Maybe lots of kids feel this way, I tent to think not.

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Christina said...

Did I read that right? Are the Coopers moving back in? Please tell me it's so!

Congrats on the weight loss. I was doing great in January but I stayed the same in February and March and just haven't gotten past the blahs lately.