Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Visiting With Our City Council Members...

I realize what I'm about to say is not that big of a deal but all the same...it was kind of fun.

Gove and I attended our second city council meeting tonight. Luckily it was a light evening with three awards and a few issues regarding the allocation of additional funds for various departments. Then it was over, and it wasn't even 8:00pm. Wow, I like this kind of meeting compared to two weeks ago which ended at 10pm.

I jumped up and was ready to go when my husband said we should set and wait and see what happens. Why? I asked. And then my answer walked straight towards me.

Mayor Lewis Billings came and thanked us for attending and sitting on the front row (thank Gove's long body for that). And would you believe he remembered us sitting there at the last meeting. So we shook hands. And then three of the seven council members thanked us for coming and really seemed to like it when I said we have decided to become citizens concerned for our community.

I might add that I told them I was very interested in the chicken issue that I had heard on KSL radio. And get a load of this...the council is also interested and is working towards a positive potential for families to have a small number of chickens. They are still some distance from a set plan, however, they will be discussing it at the next meeting which is the first Tuesday in May at 7pm.

Cool. Now I'm really happy to have attended as this is an issue I want to support. Luckily I did not let it slip that I actually have chickens now and love our colored eggs already colored for Easter.


Kacy said...

That's great!

Ryan said...

I occassionally find myself catching bits and pieces of the City Council & Planning Commission meetings on Channel 17. Some are definitely more interesting than others.

Wait till you meet John Curtis. He's the one running for Mayor I talked to you about. I think you'll be impressed. Although I'm not sure where he comes down on the 'chicken' issue. ;)

Nickie said...



Hey Ryan, dies he go for apiaries too?