Sunday, May 24, 2009

Virginia Is For Lovers... or so they say...

Aaah, here we are in Colonial Williamsburg. I say "aaah" because it's Sunday and we are resting. I was completely drained with an all day headache yesterday as I and the kids waited for Gove to finish his conference in Richmond Va.

For those keeping track, we left Minnesota last Monday, stayed with Elary in Marshfield and discovered she has a friend who recently built a brick refractory oven. We went to check this design and found it's something that Gove wants to make. (While we were in Washington state, we decided that we are going to start making breads with natural leaven. Gove has aspirations to build such an oven.)

We spent Tuesday next night in South Bend, In., with Chuck and Lynn. Chuck was with Gove in the PhD program in Minnesota.
Can you believe I drove through Indiana and forgot all about Gene Stratton Portter! Rats. Well, I hope to return again and visit Rome City in honor of all her wonderful books.

We arrived very late Wednesday night to Mt. Vernon. Little did we know of the rush that comes first thing in the morning to get in line for a tour of George Washington's home. So after two hours we finally saw the inside of this lovely home. Word of advice: be there at 7:30am and go directly to the house tour then enjoy the grounds. We visited the burial tomb of both George and Martha. Of great interest to us was the gristmill and distillery which Mr. Washington had established 3 miles down the road from his house. Beautiful craftsmanship is all I can say, and the way to make whiskey is equally interesting.

The humidity has kicked in or at lest it now feels that way to us folk who live out west. We stayed at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond for two nights. Friday morning I took the kids to the Museum of the Confederacy and the White House of the Confederacy. Both tours have spiked my curiosity to know more about the Civil War. I've heard of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln, and slavery, but that just doesn't paint a picture of what happened. It was a shame to hear so much that I had not a clue of. So I bought two books. The Battle Cry of Freedom, and vol.1 of a four set volume of paintings with captions. This little volume which covers about the first two years has been eye opening all in itself with the perspective of the artist. Our family had a grand tour down the James River. I was surprised by the number of Great Blue Herons but not a single Egret.

Here we are in a wonderful part of American history. So many adventures await us over the next couple of days. And not a single reason to have to hurry. I think this might be our first non- stress vacation. Peaceful is how I feel.

See ya later...


Cherie said...

How fun!! What a wonderful trip for you and your family. I'm excited that you've been keeping us updated on your travels, I've really enjoyed "peaking" in on your guys! I hope you continue to have a wonderful time, drive safely, and can keep headaches far away!

Nickie said...

Cherie, Thanks for following! Where in tarnation are you girl? How are you? Let us know.