Saturday, May 16, 2009

Before Hitting The Road...

Side note here; before we could leave, Bethany and I needed to add a second brood box to our bee hives. Beth's Italian bees were docile. We found the workers busy and the queen seems to be laying more eggs. There is honey and pollen being collected. We hope that while we are gone, these bees will continue to fill up the frames with honeycomb, larvae, and honey.

Things went so well, no bee stings, we hurried off to Uncle Loren's place in Orem to take our first look at our swarm bees. Well, the experience was not so well received by these little buggers. We were told to buy a bee brush to gently brush the bees from the frames. This swarm is large and I could not see any eggs due to the number of bees. So I ever so gently brushed them off when ALL OF A SUDDEN the bees attacked my hands!! Here I am trying to stay calm, Bethany is next to me spraying water on the bees but with no avail, they keep stinging. I decided real fast to put that frame back and and the heck with looking at more. I added the second brood box and told them they were on their own until I return and then I would show them whose the boss.

But this evening, the evening before leaving for our little field trip across America, I was stung six or seven times at lest on my left hand and two on my right hand. By Wednesday morning it looked like I might be suffering from Elephantitis. Luckily it was just local reactions which required a trip to the MD so I could get a Rx for prednisone.

Three or four days later the swelling and much of the itching was gone. I wonder if I'm going to
build up an immunity in time. Or maybe this will be a way to remove wrinkles. Except it's a little hard to decrease wrinkles after swelling two or three times more then normal.


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