Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Do... In Colonial Williamsburg...

I wish...
-that I had learned how to use digital scrapbooking before this trip.
- that I had brought my little hp photo printer and binders to make memory books while we travel. I really wish I had thought of this earlier then today.
-that I had remembered how humid it is out here and could have left all our camping gear at home.
-we could spend a semester out here. Gove could teach at William and Mary and I and the kids can volunteer as historic characters. That would be such a great learning encounter for all of us.

Today we stepped back in time to 1774 through 1776. Thomas Jefferson spoke about the right to speech and the desire to see an end to slavery even for himself who has a number of slaves.

We visited with President Washington who has just announced today that he will not be running for re-election.

Gove participated as a judge in a re-enactment of an 18th century trial day here in Williamsburg. With his strong voice he was an entertaining participant.

Rain started to fall in the late afternoon, we took the kids back to the hotel and Gove and I returned to Colonial Williamsburg to visit the Cooper who makes barrels. But we found ourselves in the middle of a town gathering wherein a gentleman was accused of speaking against the cause of freedom and it was determined my the people that he must be tared and feathered because he would not denounce what he had said and openly apologize for his words. Just as the good men of Williamsburg were about to place the tar to this Tories back, he called out and said he would publicly apologize with a written statement in the local paper.

If you ever come to Williamsburg, you have to attend the daily closing ceremonies. Today the Fife and Drum band marched us to the Capital where Patrick Henry and other local leaders announced that a resolution for independence has been prepared and Virginia was accepting the Declaration. Down came the flag of England and up went the new Colonial flag of America. It was fun to follow and cheer. Gove accepted the call to volunteer as a Continental soldier.

The neat thing happened to me after the dismissal of the local citizens however. We walked into the local jewelers establishment, the Golden Ball, and Gove bought me a new wedding band and a wedding ring. The band was made here in Colonial Williamsburg and is a copy of the 18th century style. And the ring is called a Gimmel which was popular at that time too. This Gimmel is a three part ring. It's not fancy put I really like the meaning that the ring holds with the hand of the man holding the hand of the women and if you pull the hands apart there is a heart hidden behind the clasped hands. It was very nice and no fortune was lost.

Tomorrow we go to Jamestown and we will bring the kids back for closing activities here in Williamsburg. It's an exciting moment to hear the band and General Washington will be calling men to come to Yorktown and help stop Cornwallis in his tracks.

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Hammy said...

What a great Memorial Day vacation. Sounds very fun.