Friday, June 19, 2009

Acting Jeans Must Come From Mom...

I try hard to hide my acting talent. So far I think I've done a splendid job. I'm sure no one knows of my ability to act upon the stage, even I'm unaware.
Be that as it way, our daughters seem to have a desire for acting.

This past week the girls participated in a Scara theater camp. Both gave monologues.
Tia recited, For Want Of The Nail

Bethany recited the opening lines of The Highway Man.

Both acted in different skits.Tia was Grannie from Little Red Riding Hood.

Bethany was an accurate sounding Toto who can talk when she wants, in a revised Wizard of Oz.

Both say it was fun and are considering the Shakespeare camp where they can try out for parts in a production for the festival in Cedar City.

I see that Mattia has gained confidence in herself and the ability to learn lines quickly. She received a very nice letter from her group leader encouraging her to keep trying.
Bethany is truly coming out of her time of separation anxiety. We almost don't see it anymore. Though shy, she really did a good job performing in front of people today.

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