Friday, June 19, 2009

If I Had Another Me, I'd Get More Family Pictures...

Here's kids and Gove taking a rest while I get a quick sketch with local citizens in Williamsburg.
Walking along a path that Thomas Jefferson often rode upon his horse.
Here we are posing on the west front of Monticello.
We were readily welcomed into the original garden site when we offered to pull weeds at no cost.
I was thinking we did not get enough family pictures. More would have been nice but this is pretty good. I don't think of pictures enough until I go to someones home who's talented at keeping a history with pictures.
We are setting under this majestic oak at the Governor's Palace awaiting the arrival of Thomas Jefferson.
Here was a great moment in time. We spent almost an hour with the historian who portrays John Rolfe. This day it was the year of 1620 in Jamestown. We learned that there was a traitor among the British men. The Spanish spy who came with the original settlers of 1607 was able to get an accurate map and information regarding the dying of the English and thus no need for an attack.Here's a shot of the whole family. We're on a cruise along the James River near Richmond, Va.
You can't tell, but I and the kids are standing at the side of George Washington's grist mill.And last yet not lest is Mom and kids with Thomas and his portable desk.

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