Saturday, June 13, 2009

That Amazing Swarm...

Remember my post regarding the attack of the hand stinging, semi aggressive honeybees?

That night I did not care if those little buggers died or left for greener pastures. My hands were hurting with numerous stingers stuck in them!

I'm here to say that I have had a change of heart for the darling little critters. Holy cow, these girls know how to work.

Last night, Bethany and I inspected this hive. We used our new smoker, it was heavenly. Not a single bee sting. I lifted out a couple of frames and I think they might weigh at lest 5 pounds each, completely capped over with wax. We added our first medium super box which will be our supply of honey this fall.

This was a neat experience. The smoke did indeed cause the bees to go down deeper into the hive, they were calmer and did not seem agitated in the lest. That was a great relief to me. Bethany was fairly nervous when we went out there too. And now we have had a good experience which out shadows the bad. Kind of like having a baby I guess. I never went into labor.

This hive is now known as our 'yellow hive' can you see why? I will no longer call them the swarm but rather the yellow hive.

They are now living up on our bedroom deck as of this past Wednesday when we brought them home to their permanent nesting ground.


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dynomitegirl said...

My son wants to start a hive. My email is can we stop by and see yours or email you with our questions?