Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meet The Candidates...

I attended my first River Grove Neighborhood Block meeting last night. I went because the mayoral candidates were going to be there and I wanted to meet and ask them each a question. 4 of the 6 runners attended the gathering.

My one question turned into four: 1. Do you support homeschooling? 2. Do you support families having chickens? 3. Name three books you have read that you feel have helped prepare you for this event in your life? And 4. Would you attend a cottage meeting in my home?

Here are the answers:

Don Allphin: Don is out of town and sent his son Mark to read a statement for him. Mark took my questions and will ask his dad about the three books and the homeschooling but did indicate that his father supports the chicken ordinance. Mark said his father would attend a meeting in my home.

Steven Clark: Supports Homeschooling, is pro chickens, would come to my home, and said McCullough's Truman and Adams along with a book on Oppenheimer (he invented the atomic bomb) as his books. This guy has been involved with state and federal legislatures, his wife is Cindy Clark on the current City Council Board.

Ammon Cunningham: A no show

John Curtis: He said he's pro homeschooling but his wife is President of the Provo school board. Well I guess I can't hold that against him. Pro chickens, pro cottage meetings, and finally someone said they had read Beck's Common Sense, and a leadership book by Rudy Giuliani. But no third book...It would appear this is the man with the money right now, color brochures, shirts. Interesting...bty, he is the only runner who brought his wife.

Neil Mitchell: Very pro homeschooling, pro chickens, pro cottage meetings. Doesn't like the turn over in the Lakewood subdivision area. He realizes he doesn't have all the answers but wants to try and help his community. I think this will be a hard win for him but I'm glad he is stepping forward and trying. Three books; The Forgotten Man, 1776, biography of Ronald Reagan.

Andrew Thompson: a big no show

The bee lady I spoke to yesterday about these feeling of change coming my way attended the meeting too even though she is in a different district.

One last thing. I learned that within the City Counsel there are 5 district members and two city wide members. This Fall, there are 6 people running for one of the city wide slots.

My first political type of meeting. Eli and Gavin attended with me. I'm glad they had this first experience too.

You should go out and find a first experience for yourself. Just make sure it's virtuous and safe.


Amber said...

You are so inspiring!!!!!!!

I won't be able to come to the discussion tonight. =(

I have a family reunion. =)

Ammon Cunningham said...

Amber, This is Ammon Cunningham, I was unable to make it to the meeting described in your blog. I was googling about some issues involved in this election, and came across your blog! I would also like to take some time to answer the questions which you asked. 1. I do support homeschooling. I was actually fully home schooled for a year, and then partially home schooled for another year while I grew up in Wisconsin. It was a wonderful experience, and if done correctly can be a very beneficial experience for the child, as well as the mother (or whoever happens to be doing the homeschooling). 2. I do support the chicken ordinance. I oppose any permit to keeping chickens as well. I believe that if the animals are being treated improperly though that some type of regulations need to be put into place. The three books that have prepared me for this is 1. President Hinckley's 'Stand for Something.' President Hinckley was an amazing man, admired by many. This book doesn't show only thing that I knew I could change to make my life better, but all citizens I believe could live better lives after reading this book. This is one thing I think is so important. To make our community a better place it is not entirely up to the government. It is a person choice made by each person, and citizen, everyday. The second book would be 'The Ultimate Gift'. I don't remember the author off hand, but I loved how this book shows that work is important. In our world today, where everything is easily within reach, it is still important to teach the importance of work in the home, as well as work for the things which we feel are right. I know that there are things that I can do better with the city of Provo, and even though I do not have tons of resources to dedicate to a campaign, I am running because I know that the services I can offer the city, and the citizens will be greatly beneficial. The third book, as cliche as it may sound, would have to be the scriptures. I cannot pretend that living by the principles in those books has not influenced my life. They have by far been the most influential books in my life. 4. I would definitely attend a meeting in your home. Thank you for this blog post, and I'm glad that I stumbled across it. Feel free to send me an email.