Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Conclusion.....You Are Fired!

I went for my weekly weigh-in this morning. It really is more then a week because we went camping all of last week and then this past weekend we drove like the wind to the YMCA of the Rockies near Denver Colorado for a family reunion.

And so after a week and a half I checked in only to learn that I'm fired! I'm doing too good of a job says Dan. I felt I was at this point as I drove up to the door but I was thinking just for the remainder of the summer, not the rest of this year and all the years to come. That's not quite true. Dan, who is the owner of Total Health & Fitness says I can come in every three weeks for a quick check of weight and fat pinching free of charge. So technically I'm not alone in this journey.

Here I am, forty pounds heavier and six months ago.

Yesterday I and Gove attended a public speaking seminar hosted by TJED Marketplace.
Unleashing Your Voice is presented by Kathy and Nate out of California.
I learned a good lesson about conclusions. I actually sunk three of four conclusions from different speeches we were asked to give. I'm glad to have gone through the experience even though I cried. I don't like to cry for sissy things like that but I did. Oh well, it's water down the river now.

I went through my first debate experience too. I was not looking forward to this because I don' know anything related to Socialism and Capitalism. Be that as it may, Gove and I were given the assignment of debating the positive side of Socialism as a better economic system then Capitalism. The only things that saved me was the fact that I had my good husband at my side and that we had just listened to the audio book The Human History of Coal. BTW, this book is well worth the first 6 or 7 hours of the historic telling but then the author goes on a tangent.
I provided the opening argument and Gove followed up and gave the rebuttal. In the end we just lost by a vowel. In my mind I think we lost by a conclusion. Will I be scared for life? Maybe..., the only way to over come this fear is start giving talks or teaching something that I will need to write a speech for. Oh that sounds like fun.

In conclusion,I'd like to say that standing in front of people with 40 less pounds(!) on my body felt wonderful. My conclusions may have flopped, but my body was strong. Way to go weight training. And my greatest heart felt gratitude to God.


Christina said...

You look wonderful! Congrats! And good job on the public speaking, too.

Cherie said...

Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off in so many ways. It seems like you're really happy, that's great! I sure do miss you guys!

Nickie said...

Thank you Cristina. I am feeling much better physically and optimistically.

Nickie said...

Hi Cherie!

I miss you too. How is live going for you. I know I can find you at your blog. It's good to have friends around this wonderful world.