Friday, July 10, 2009

There's Hope For More Camping...

Last week we took our first camping trip for the season.
(I hope it wont be our last but you never know what will happen as August draws near).
In the meantime I will recall our camping at Duck Creek with fondness because of the peace I felt.Once we settle into our campsites I usually feel a lifting of stress.
What was nice about this adventure was the fact that I was not tired. For two years I've been using a c-pap machine and thanks to my weight loss efforts I did not need it this time. YAHOO!
I think sleeping without choking has been the best blessing so far. Last year while camping I was so exhausted, once I realized it was a sleeping issue I just accepted that I'd be sleeping later into the mornings to make up for all the interruptions.
Not the case this last week.Unlike other camp outs, this time I walked at lest twice a day but tried for three. As I walked the loops of the campground I was surprised to learn that it's 2 miles.
As I walked I decided to read the June Ensign and would you believe I was even able to read the July issue and finished on the 30th of June! That was pretty neat.I have a funny habit of using my overly active imagination when camping. I have often thought what if a bear is out there? I tended to think this when I was waking up suddenly during the night. But not last week. Sleeping solidly and not a concern if a bear did come through. Two buck deer maybe mule deer were eating behind out tent. I felt pretty safe with them munching away on the mountain grasses.

When I first started camping with Gove, I could not imagine more then two days without a shower. Now I can go five days. Without the c-pap, my hair doesn't get messy. Just another plus for better health and fresh air. Speaking of air we were about 8,000ish feet above sea level. The evenings are cool and the nights required a sleeping bag. That's really a nice way to sleep.I like camping with my family. Gove is great at cooking over the fire. He made sour dough breads, pizza and french fries from scratch. You will have to ask him about the time he was frying potatoes at the Five Finger Lakes in Louisiana. It's possible a space shuttle might of seen the glow.
Camping is fun. There is never a dull moment even when it's pouring down rain. I like camping. You should go camping with your family too.

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