Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome, You're On The Air...

Methinks my public speaking class from a couple of weeks past might have paid off today.

This morning while exercising it was announced that Doug Wright of KSL radio would be discussing the poor turnout of voters in Utah. (We were rated second to last in turnout last November, and last place in 2006).

I wanted to share what I have done to become a voting citizen. All though these actions are very small steps, even small steps cause great changes.

I was the first caller and this is what I basically said...

Mr. Wright, I'm Nickie in Provo and I thank you for taking my call.
I am a reformed non-voter. I could use the excuse that my vote did not matter but really I was someone who just did not care. (I'm happy, things seem fine and I don't know squat about government so why get involved). That's what I used to think but not anymore.

I said something to the effect that I'm a homeschooling mother and have a dream or hope of my children being leaders in their homes, community, and maybe the nation. But if I want them to lead I have to set an example.

I told everyone listening about our book club that meets once a month. How we have discussed all the Federalist and Anti Federalist Papers, The Law, and now Democracy in America. I took a class from George Wythe University and had to read The 5,000 Year Leap. It was this book that made me feel so strongly that I could influence someone for a better change that could have an effect upon national government. (How? I do not yet know). But heck, before this reading I didn't even know what the 17th Amendment was!

It was at this point that Doug said he had to take a commercial break.

WHAT!!! I still wanted to share how I volunteered to be a voter precinct manager last year. How I read the voters handbook for the first time last year and how learning about the sacrifices of my founding ancestors and those of our national founders have inspired me to keep learning and trying to participate.

How I and Gove are now attending our City Council meetings and all because we are citizens of this nation and of our city, county, and simply have the responsibility to be aware, concerned, and active. It requires more then just wondering... you have to get up and start doing.

So there you have it. I'm still so surprised that I did this. Me, Nickie, on the radio standing up for a good cause. Neat.

This was another small step that is taking me to a bigger something. I wonder what it will be.....

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