Friday, August 14, 2009

Complaints Come With Rewards...

There are times when I think I'm going to pull the hair from my children's scalps.
These feeling are usually associated with complaints. Such as "why do we have to do this", or "how much longer", or "I'm tired of walking why are you doing this to us", or some other saying which I'm sure you have heard at some point in your child raising years.

Last week I forced my kids to walk around San Francisco. And I did hear a number of complaints BUT I also heard statements like this; "Oh Mom thanks for making us come here", or "I'm so glad we did this", or "this is neat I'm sorry I complained mom."

If I just wait and don't let myself get to the "I want to pull your hair stage" there is almost always a positive reward in the end.

Example: From Fisherman's Wharf, I marched the kids a number of blocks until we arrived at Lomdard the bottom of Lombard street that is. There was much complaining while we hiked up three or four very steep streets to finally get to the famous destination and then I heard, "this is great", "thanks for bringing us mom", "look how far you can see" ,"wow we climbed all the way up here". You see, the complaining often comes with rewards if I just let it pass without getting upset. I wonder if my kids do this more when they don't know what to expect from a new experience. I think I just hit on something here.


Hammy said...

What a fun trip. It is definitely one of my very favorite cities. Next time I will look for chocolate covered fortune cookies.

mindy said...

I love San Francisco so much. That's where David proposed, and the reason he did so is because it is my favorite city. So fun! So much to see and so much yummy food! I'm glad you had fun and that the kids appreciated you marching them around. It's such a neat place.