Saturday, August 29, 2009


Tonight, I am responsible for our stake picnic. I hope to have at least 500 people in attendance. Once this picnic is over, I will finish being the Cultural Events Chairperson.

This week we finished our reading of Democracy in America, vol. 1.

Thursday evening we finished our last book discussion with our PALMS group. I hesitate with this one because I imagine it will start again but for now it's finished.

I finished worrying and talked the talk with my son about sex and maturation on Monday morning. It turned out to be a fun experience. I tried to share from the female point of view and general development of both male and female bodies. I had just finished a prayer about wanting to talk to Eli and he walks into my room. There was my sign to share with him. Next comes the girls. I found Brad Wilcox and Linda & Richard Eyre's books very helpful.

We finished celebrating Eli's birthday. It was an all day activity this past Monday. He's 12 now. With help from mom he finished his Faith in God program. With help from dad he finished reading the Book of Mormon.

Lastly, I finish this lame post.


mindy said...

Not a lame post at all, you silly goose! :o) Good job on all counts! Finishing things, even if it is only for a temporary break in some cases, is a great accomplishment. Savor it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've really packed a lot in!!

There is a series of children's books at either the Provo or Orem library written from a Christian (not LDS) perspective on "maturation" that I read to my older kids several years ago that I HIGHLY recommend. I wish I could tell you the names, but they were thin paperbacks on two or three different levels. There was one I read to Hannah who was 6 at the time, and another for my older boys that had more details.