Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Attempt at Hosting a Cottage Meeting...

I sent the following letter to what seems to be the top three mayoral candidates for the city of Provo. I am attempting to host a cottage meeting at my home next week. So far Mr. Clark is attending, Mr. Curtis may send a representative and I hope that Mr. Allphin will be able to attend in person as I think that would help to bring more citizens. (I'm guessing)

Greetings Mayoral Candidates,

I'm Nickie _____, I will be voting on September 15th. I live in the Rivergrove neighborhood, and I would like to invite you, (the three major candidates for mayor) to my home for a cottage meeting.

Here's my proposal:

I'm extending an invitation to attend our colloquium on Thursday August 27th at 7:00pm. We are discussing Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America.
We meet for one hour and have a number of families attend at any given time. At 8:00pm we would like to open the floor to provide each candidate with 15 minutes to share his proposals and vision for the future of Provo. After which you would then take questions from the audience.

I have a large home and can comfortably seat 45 people in my living room. We will invite members of our neighborhood, the homeschooling community, and faculty from BYU. (Not to mention those who love chickens)

Would this opportunity work for you?

If you can attend the colloquium, we will discuss the last three chapters (16-18) of the first volume. It's about 160 pages.

Looking forward to receiving your response.

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Christina said...

Good for you for putting this together!

By the way, the scripture I mentioned last night was actually directed at Oliver Cowdery instead of Emma. It's D&C 6:19 "Admonish him in his faults, and also receive admonition of him."

My annoyance with the speaker may have just been a matter of different definitions of criticism, however.