Friday, August 14, 2009

Sixteen Square Blocks...

Just two complaints. That's all. Amazing. I had us walk from the entrance of Chinatown all the way across and back.

This time I went with a plan. I made sure we stopped often for "snacks" Chinese of course. Most were pastries that really didn't taste that great so I cheated and bought chocolate covered fortune cookies which I'm skeptical as to how authentic they where and I broke down for chocolate dipped macaroons. I love macaroons. The lady said they were Chinese. Go figure maybe they are.

As we walked back through Chinatown we came upon a fund raising act. It was so

loud and firecrackers were going off left and right. Drums beating crazily and these dog-like dragon costumes swaying about.

It was fun. Just two complaints and lots of thank yous from bringing them to such an interesting place.

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