Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 Freedom Bowl Winners...

Elijah, Brooklyn, Rachael, and Alex won 2nd place at this years Freedom Bowl sponsored by The Roots of Freedom organization!!!

All four youth were competing for the first time, and they pulled this finishing placement. How fun for them.

I have to admit I'm glad to not have seen them compete until the final 7th round. (I was judging the senior division.) I don't think my nerves would have been helpful because as a mother you hope so much for your children to do well and I wonder if my energy can be negative in a way because I'm expecting too much. So the last round was exciting for me to watch and see my son answer which articles, sections, and clauses cover slavery, commerce, and proportional representation in the Constitution.

They have each earned $110 to be used for this summers week long simulation program.

Good job Eli. Now aren't you glad to have a mom who was dedicated to helping you even when you didn't want it? Yes, mothers do know times.

A big thanks to The Roots of Freedom and AYLI for hosting and providing the awards for all the participants.

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