Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Bishop...

I love Les Mes the musical and I love many parts in the book. I'm actually reading the first 300 pages again for an upcoming colloquium at the end of this month. I decided to read backwards from page 300. I guess to provide myself with a little entertainment and to see how my mind would recall what occurred prior.

I have been reminded of dear Bishop Myriel and Christ like attributes he and two other characters share.

The first is little Eva in Uncle Tom's Cabin. Such beautiful insights and love for others. Her faith and hope comes out of the words and actually lifts the reader (me) to attempt with more effort to be a worthy follower of Jesus.

The second character was found last night in a movie. Beth, Tia, and I watched a family film entitled Children on their Birthdays. The main character is Lily Jane who is about 13 years old. She steps into town and on first glance you might think her to be conceited. Not the case at all. She is Bishop Myriel in child size. Set in Alabama after WWII and with segregation in effect.

I love feeling lifted up by what I hear, see, and read. Uncle Tom, and Eva in Harriett Beecher Stowe's book and Lily in the movie have not just helped me but my daughters saw how important it is to not judge but be a friend to many and especially someone who is without a friend because she is a different color or not like all the other girls at school and church.

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