Saturday, January 16, 2010


Friday morning I took Eli, along with 13 other statesmanship club youth to the Orem Court house. The youth are preparing for mock trial simulations over the next 10 weeks and this field trip was to give a small taste.

We watched two criminals confess to the guiltiness of their crimes. One had stolen $300 and the other had committed sexual loudness in front of young girls who fortunately were watching a movie and did not see but the off-duty officer with his daughters did see and arrested him.

Here again I was reminded of Les Miserables. This time it was Jean Valjean. He stole a loaf of bread for his starving sisters family. And in return spent 19 years in prison. Five for the crime and 14 for trying to escape twice.

The convict in our day stole 370ish dollars and in return he will now spend 6 months in jail, pay $1,5000 in restitution and fees for counseling. The sex offender will learn of his fate in 6 more weeks.

It was the countenances of these men that were so heartaching. No joy, no love, no self respect, and possibly no awareness of any value within themselves. Kind of like Jean Valjean until the Bishop entered his life.

What will happen to these men?

This was an eye opening experience not just for the youth but for me too. To lose love for yourself and direction. Oh I think I'd rather die then to think of no place for me in the mansions in heaven.

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