Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Field Trip with TJED Academy...

I and the kids are involved in a test that started last week and will end next week. It's the test of compatibility. Are we comfortable with the idea of attending a homeschoolers academy in Lehi three times a week for 3-4 hours each day?

This test also includes me. I would not consider driving out to Lehi 3x a week just to drop off my children. So, I too am testing how it feels to prepare history lessons and be an assistant teacher for the 8-12 year olds. So far I and the girls have liked the experiences. It's a little tight to be out the door at 11:30am with sandwiches in hand. We are having a picnic while we drive and listen to Story of The World.

Mattia tells me she loves attending. She loves the science and art mentors. She loves being able to recite her poems and participate. She is even trying to write more at home now. She is currently keeping a journal of growing seeds in three vials.

Bethany...is a mystery at times. I think she will like this class, but first she needs to feel safe and secure. She seems to be excited to write book reports for a couple of Redwall books she recently read.

Eli...likes the art, science, and speech and debate. He has not attended Tuesday classes yet because of a field trip today. I think there is potential for him too. No, I know there is great potential for him, once we are sure we will continue and get him hooked up with his mentor.

Today we went to the West Jordan National Guard facility where Black-hawk and Apache Helicopter training takes place. Interesting...Do you know an Apache cost about $25 million? And both helicopters weigh in at about 15,000 pounds empty. Just the thought of all the money going into the military...mind boggling.

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