Monday, February 1, 2010

My Birthday Is Just Around The Corner... hint hint

And, I'd accept it as an early Christmas gift too!

The price is a killer and can't accept the cost, so maybe someone can make it for me???

Such ingenuity Mr. Jefferson!


The Greevers Posse said...

Hello there Mother Who Thinketh.
I came across your blog via TJEd Mothers (another great site).

I love your birthday/early Christmas gift idea. would one use such a beautiful peice of art/construction? I know a library would be the perfect setting but I guess what I am really wondering is what the practical use you may have in store for it.
Curious mind wants to know.
Thanks for your time!
(great blog btw)

Nickie said...

Thank you for your positive attitude for my blog! I find myself wishing to be a transformational writer, but no such luck yet.
I love this book stand! I saw it last year at Jefferson's home. If I ever get one, (though I'd like four)they will be placed on my end tables in the living room, and one on the kitchen counter with cook books and what I'm currently reading.
I have looked for building plans but have not found them yet.
I'll check out TJED Mothers...I didn't know it was out there. Or most likely I just forgot.
Take care.