Saturday, April 3, 2010

GOP Caucus Event...

Gove and I attended our first precinct caucus meeting about two weeks ago. Gove decided to run as a state delegate. He was seconded by a neighbor and won one of the two seats for state delegate. Wow. I volunteered to do all the counting of votes. We ended up counting outside in the dark because the school was going to have alarms go off if we were not out by 9pm.

Yesterday, we took Eli and Beth to UVU for our first opportunity to hear the candidates debate for the forth coming senator race against Bob Bennett. Gove will be voting on the 8th of May. I came away liking four of the nine runners.

1. Scott Bradley- who is on the Constitutional party and although he is great with understanding the Constitution his voice is so deep he is hard to hear.
2. Mike Lee- a constitutional lawyer
3. Bridgewater- business man who worked in the Reagan administration. His voice is too scratchy.
4. Cherilyn Eager- grew up around the Reagan's. I really liked what she said and how clear and strong her voice was. I especially like that she wants to repeal the 17th amendment.
Other than that, they all pretty much said the same things. It's time for Bennett to step down.


Cherie said...

That's fabulous!! I'm not surprised at all, congratulations Gove!

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