Friday, July 16, 2010

come thou fount of every blessing...

I was shocked when I saw and read so many kind responses to my post. I forgot that there is someone out there who does read my blog. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Two days ago, a font of blessing came pouring unto me. The coming was a result of a building up of understanding.

First off, I'm reading a booklet called Comfort My Soul In Christ by Randy Bott and came across these words.
"How many of you are seeking for these gifts that God has promised to bestow? How many of you, when you bow before your Heavenly Father in your family circle or in your secret places, contend for these gifts to be bestowed upon you? How many of you ask the Father in the name of Jesus to manifest Himself to you through these powers and these gifts?"

Nutshell? I started to ask.

Then I was reading of King Solomon. The Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and said, "...Ask what I shall give thee."
Solomon asks for wisdom to judge (an understanding heart) and discernment between good and bad.
Wow, I said to myself. It's right here, someone is asking for gifts, and so can I. So I have been asking and praying with all my heart to begin changes.

On Wednesday, joy came over me. I felt like I was walking two inches of the ground. As I walked over to the neighbors for a presidency meeting I could feel my self standing taller and I just gave thanks for the beauty of the earth and for this wonderful feeling. Our meeting was uplifting and I came home for the first time this year wanting to plant.

Finally, I wanted to create again! I felt hopeful again. I took my girls, we went to Wal-mart and found lots of petunias and some other annuals at half price. I mounted 7 hanging baskets that I bought well over a year ago and together we transplanted these lovely little flowers and my body was energized. It felt so nice to feel courage to do something. I even changed a showered head in the kids bathroom for a hand held device and fixed a sprinkler that was broken.

Gifts are available to us. Peace, joy, learning, knowledge, wisdom, patience, forgiveness, inspiration, love, friendship, kindness, positive thoughts, confidence, courage, ...The list just goes one based upon your own needs and what you desire to overcome by focusing on the positive gifts Heavenly Father and Jesus have for us. We just need to start asking and I think we need to not stop.

And if that isn't enough, I was reading the July Ensign and found what I have wondered about for two years. When I'm feeling emotional or spiritual pain, I wonder how many of my sisters at church are also suffering but like me felt there was no one to talk to. This article said that we need to pray to know the burdens of others and at the same time be willing to do something to help. I think mostly it's just listening or being able to say that I see your having a difficult time, my prayers are with you, can I help.

I have really cared about my sisters. I've prayed for them. Now I want to not let old issues in me keep me from talking to all my sisters each Sunday or when ever I see them. I have goodness to share and I can lift a sadness just by being friendly to you, whomever you are. No, maybe friendly isn't the right word. It's now. It's more like seeing you as my brother or sister and something more, not just a human being. Living being who needs my smile and a lifting, interacting word of some type.

Last night I parked for a meeting and a car pulled up beside me on the passenger side. I got out and waited for these ladies to figure something out with the drivers side of their car so I could not get my items out. I felt happy to just wait. They apologized. I said no worries and pulled out this 7 foot long flag from the side of my van. They were surprised and so I shared what I was doing and I interacted in a uplifting manor with these strangers. Yet we each had a moment of edification and went on our ways.

I really like this feeling. Enjoy your day too.


Shanny said...

I loved this post! It seems so full of testimony and love and hope. I think I have been some of the same places as you and can relate to many of your feelings. I guess we all have to walk our own personal Valley of the Shadow of Death. But experience tells me that there truly is joy at the other end.

I often call the Lord 'The Giver of Good Gifts' because He has proved over and over again in my life to be true and faithful and to bless me way beyond my expectations.

BTW,I love that hymn too. In fact my blog is based around it. :-)

Nickie said...

Then I realized as I left your blog with a comment that you had left a response to someone who had made a comment at your blog. So now I'm here too.

It was so nice to receive your messages. Thank you. Oh there is so much to learn and experience in maturing on this earthly mission.

Shanny said...

Hi Nickie,
Yep, I got both your messages. I answered your question at my blog. But to make it easier on you - I can repeat lol.....I am a New Zealander. We have lived in Australia for 7 years and plan to stay here as long as the Lord allows us to. :-)

I was thinking a little more about your post today. You know, when I was going through my 'stuff'....I really for the life of me couldn't ever believe that life would be happy again...I was thinking that this life would simply have to be one I had to endure until the blessings of eternity were realised....but in the end I found that if we hold tight to the Lord, He will heal us and the light will shine again.

In fact another song which gave me great peace during that time was Be Still My Soul. That's such a beautiful hymn and seemed like it was written especially for me.

I am so glad that you are on the mend. Things really do get better.