Friday, July 16, 2010

Do you know this?

I've heard a few people give credit to Alexander Tytler for the following cycle though from what little I've read it may not be correct but that's really beside the point. The cycle happens and it's happening in America and upon the earth now.

People, like the pilgrims and our founding generation found themselves in bondage. They progress to spiritual faith which leads to undeniable courage (public virtue) which progresses into liberty. With Liberty there comes abundance and over time selfishness and pride build up again and that leads to complacency, which is now leading into apathy, which will bring us into dependence and back into bondage. And the cycle repeats it's self all over. Some sections can be long some quick depending on the people and their education and faith I would guess.

Four years ago I heard this for the first time. The audience said we as a nation were in complacency. I heard this again the other night and the audience said we as a nation are now in apathy and dependency. Of course where we see ourselves and where we really are may not be exact but the mood of the people is changing.

So what can I or you do? Lets look these words up in the Oxford English Dictionary and start to ponder.
1. Occupation
2. Vocation
3. Schooling
4. Education
5. Virtue
6. Passion
7. Skills


Shanny said...

This sounds a lot like a book I am going to buy from Amazon anytime now...

The Fourth Turning by William Strauss.

There are definitely some interesting ideas there. My questions are...How do we stop the cycle at a good place? Is it possible to stop it?

I guess we can in our own lives but we are still impacted by the rules, laws and pressures of society around us.

I'll have to get back to you after I've read that book....

I've got more questions than answers right now. lol

Nickie said...

Hi Shanny,
I've read the 4th Turning. It's worth the time and effort to understand the 4 cycles they outline and with so much proof through history. Most of what I have read isn't really sure that Tytler should get the credit for this cycle but it seems to be a reoccurring theme in society. Just got back from a week absence. Lots to catch up on.
The audio version which is abridged is worthwhile too. I think we used Audible's version.