Wednesday, July 14, 2010


YES. I'm still here! I almost fell off the edge of the earth, but count my lucky stars, it didn't happen.
And why not?
Ah, therein lies a very long story which I may never print here at my blog. But I'll type a couple key words for my benefit.
- 15 years of marriage and in-laws
-Finally discovered words for my feelings
-Depths of despair
-Loss of personal confidence
-Negative thoughts
Turning points
-Prayers asking for gifts
-The Atonement
-Caring friends

That's my beginning thoughts on the past few months.


Cherie said...

I'm glad you stayed on the earth! I really like yah! I'm glad that things are on the up and up for you... I think you're amazing and will never forget the nights spent in your home listening to people discuss the classics! If you had one going on this next week while we're in town I'd be there in a heartbeat! Keep up the good work :-) I know I'm not the only person that you've inspired!

Hammy said...

Keep up the progress. :)

The Goos said...

Life is so hard at times. Hopefully things are looking up for you.

Felipe and Nancy

Handsfullmom said...

I'm glad you're hanging in there. It sounds like it's been a really tough time. =(

Shanny said...

Sounds like you've done a lot of growing while you've been gone. I'm truly sorry you've had such a hard time. I know the Lord loves you. I'm glad you're back. I only started following you while you were gone but you looked so promising that I felt inclined to wait for you. ((((HUGS)))