Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I've enjoyed in 2010

Hearing Bethany play jazz, gospel, modern, and having fun each day. I do not ask her to practice the piano. Amazing what 6 months in this program can do.

The joy of reading weekly the words and counsel of prophets and righteous leaders.

Is this not true?

My heart runneth over with gratitude.
Where would I be without the words of Jesus Christ?

To sleep peacefully is all I need at night and it helps to hear the suave voice of this gentleman. I love the line when he says, "just sleep and make love..." That line usually wakes me up....

My marriage to Gove. It will be 16 years in May.

My good husband just happen to buy this 2005 Tahoe for me last week. Four wheel drive. Oh my, you should hear it purr (fancy air intake and muffler). Love love love it!

Our marriage keeps getting better. Sure there are bumps but we're moving in the right direction.

Great way to introduce ancient history for the first time. Fun activities and great resources.

I loved camping with my family this last summer. And now with four wheel drive we can arrive with peace of mind.

Betty is a great resource for telling stories to children to improve behavior without a lecture from mom.

Plus I love reading to my kids.

Though I'm only a short way into this magical book, it has been a blessing in my marriage already. What might be a key you ask? I'll share with you. It's appreciating something about your man every day and not just once a day. It does work. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

It's happening all around you. Read to open your eyes and mind.

So far I like this math program. It's like having a 30 minute tutoring session and then practice and reviews. I like the self pace and ability to track the kids progress or lack thereof.

This book will forever by my favorite novel. To be like Uncle Tom is to be more like Christ.

And of the utmost importance to me, as I have learned this month is attending the temple weekly. A blessing of help to me.
I learned it's fun to also take your children each month for baptisms. It's like a date and your kids will grow to love it also. Twice a year just isn't enough.

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Angie Tanner said...

Nicki, I would love to talk with you about Simply Music. I am curious about it. Do you have a teacher or is it an at home thing? Cost? etc. I live in Provo. My email is angelamaetanner@hotmail.com. I would love to here what you have to say about it. Thanks.