Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have a gift collecting dust? Brush it off and use it to bless someone else...even yourself

A Christmas reminder....

Our first semester of online classes...

This semester was the first time that two of our three children took online classes. I thought I would say something about the experience.

First of all, I like that the kids can watch the class if they aren't home for the live broadcast. Plus you can review as much as you like.

Bethany took a Latin class from Leadership Education Academy. She did not like using the the camera for other people to see her but other then that she enjoyed the class. There were a few times of stress for her because she doesn't use the web but she managed all the same. She tries to use Latin in all the daily letters she writes to her Dad.

Elijah took his first writing class through Williamsburg Academy in Cedar City. Ben Brown was his mentor. I guess Eli liked it enough that he decided to take the next course in January. I've really enjoyed the essays that he has written. He decided to write about a hymn when asked to write about a favorite modern song. When asked to write about a hero, he chose Captain Moroni and when he had to write his final about a challenge that changed his life, he wrote about a scout 50 miler bike ride. Thank goodness for life experiences to rely upon.

I am considering Harmony for next year. They connect with a number of learning programs both local and online.

It's my turn...

Go ahead porcelain throne, take my insides....oh dear...just don't move.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank you...from Bethany

Thanks to all of you who voted for Beth at the Provo Library contest. I thought she had quite a few votes but it sounds like someone else had over 100 votes. We had fun all the same.   Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A little Christmas miracle...

Today, I took our kids and Davin P. to SLC to meet up with friends for a tour of Welfare Square, Temple Square, the church museum, an organ concert, and baptisms by the youth in the Salt Lake Temple.

As we left out home, Tia said she wasn't feeling very well. The day progressed just as her sickness did. Being a little trooper and not wanting to disappoint others, Mattia hung in there until we were three feet from our garage when she opened the car door and began to vomit.

Thank goodness she hit the driveway and not the dashboard. This is a little Christmas blessing for which I'm thankful.

The Welfare Square tour was informative, interesting, enlightening, and delicious if you like freshly made chocolate milk, cheese, jams and bread.

I was a little disappointed with the organ concert. It didn't feel  Christmassy enough.  However the friends were polite and talkative.

I feel that I'm now finished with activities and can get down to the business of finishing the sewing of gifts, reading more books, and enjoying the warmth and comfort of being at home.

All we need is some snow.  Where is the snow! Bring on the white stuff!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

City Council...the last of the year!

Here's my evening chance for a midweek date with Gove... 

-The city is recognizing the efforts of the citizens of Rivergrove and Grandview South for the wonderful work that we have accomplished at Lions Park. I say we because Gove and the kids have served three times and I once. Several Eagle Scouts are also being acknowledged for service they gave at the park as part of the eagle projects.

-The issue regarding the business licensing fee adjustments was going to be on the agenda but has been postponed until 2012.

-Next Tuesday at 5:30pm is a reception for the three outgoing council members. Three ladies going and three men coming in...I wonder what the council dynamics will be like??? Midge, Sherrie, and Cynthia just gave their thank you's to the community.

Oops, I'm off on other sites taking care of business. Sorry. Well it's now 8:30pm and I'm tired so off I go.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Update for Bethany's voting

Go to the Provo Library facebook page and you should see a picture of Beth at the top. Click on her picture and you will find a box (I think it's down at the left corner) Just click on the Like button.

Here is the link to all the pictures. I'm sure you will notice how Bethany really is the right contestant to win the autographed books!

Beth's picture is at the bottom.

Thank you for your help.


Vote for Bethany


Tonight (12/5/2011), the Provo Library will post pictures from the Christopher Paolini book signing. 
There is a contest for the best costume. 
Bethany is one of the contestants!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I spend enough time in the morning writing in my journal that I don't feel the excitement or energy to write something at my blog. I have considered just closing the thing down but then I never go through with it. Ho-hum, hum-ho...

Elijah is at an Etiquette Simulation today and tonight. Yesterday he learned about standing when a young women gets up from the dinner table and to help her by pushing in her chair when she returns. There was dance lessons both yesterday and today along with other classes and tonight there was to be a formal dinner and dance.

I, Gove, and our girls are watching The Wild Wild West series, season three. We found it at DI this evening for $1. It's kind of funny to see again after so many years. When did I last watch this show? I think I was a child in Seattle sometime in the early 70's I imagine.

I found out three weeks ago that I have a vitamin D deficiency. I have been taking a 50,000 unit pill of D2 every week. I started to feel better and had a decrease in my flank pain but this week I have felt uncomfortable. I've also been waking up after sleeping fairly well during the night at about 4:50am. It's a bummer but I stay optimistic and prayerful that I can see and feel gratitude for these experiences I'm going through. But I sure would love a long nights sleep. The blessing is that I've been enjoying reading the new R.S. book, Light in the Wilderness and the scriptures.

My sister decided it was time for a move so about one month ago she found a little place in Salt Lake. We have turned her two rooms into the guest area. New carpet and insulating curtains have helped to make the area feel cozy and warmer. 

Gove was good to hang two doors in the learning room for me today while I was painting the three doors in our community room a deep brown. It looks quiet nice to have the area finished and it didn't even take a year. Imagine that.

The kids are singing in the Heralders Children's Choir for Christmas. It's there first time singing and they will also be signing in Latin on Temple Square December 3rd. In January, the classes will be taught in our community room. I love having classes here that I don't need to drive to and get a discount in return.

Beth is reading The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas for a private class she is attending with our friend Eliza and Eliza's mom Belinda and mentoring the girls together while I take Mattia to her Take Flight class in Lehi every Monday afternoon. This will be the 3rd meeting for Beth. She is marking words she doesn't know the meanings of, color coding geography, literature, facts, memorizing and learning about ancient roman history in the process. She tells me that she really likes this class.

Headache.. time for bed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I lie...I'm really not back...just at the city council meeting...

The fact is I'm just plain tired. And honestly I'm not a thrilling or frankly I don't think I'm even an interesting writer. None the less I'll continue, it wont be very often. So no, I'm really not back to posting. Though I do plenty of writing in my notebook and have lots of thoughts regarding faith, scriptures, education, agency, Brigham Young, King Benjamin, The Book of Mormon, protesting in New York City, N. C. governor suggesting there ought not to be congressional elections next year, our city and selling of alcohol on Sunday, our children's education, salvation, happiness/joy, and trials and the list goes on and on and forth.

Welcome to tonight's exciting Provo City Council Meeting:  The big question is will the council vote for allowing the city to sell alcohol on Sunday. It is currently Public Comment time and three people have stood to remind all of us that this issue isn't about  beer or wine, it's about the Sabbath Day and keeping it holy and obeying the ten commandments.

Wow, I stepped out to see if I could find the posting of the Ten Commandments. I didn't see it, and when I returned, the council was already on the ordinance regarding if beer should be sold for off-premises consumption. There was a lady speaking who owns a couple of convenience stores and she said that on Sunday's that have a holiday fall upon that day, like New Years, you are then allowed to sell that Sunday night after 9pm.
A friend called me just before leaving tonight and asked if I would stand for her. I was not so comfortable with that idea because I'm not sure we should prevent people from buying alcohol on Sunday. It is an exercise of agency. Though I would love it if we all wanted to obverse the Sabbath day and to keep it holy yet even I who doesn't drink has my Sundays when I don't keep the sabbath as holy as I could.
Some people are saying they want Provo to be unique in this fashion even if it's just for one day. Others are saying everyone lives here should be able to buy all things they can on Sunday that they shouldn't be discriminated against. Lots of moral judgments here that aren't ours to make. A moral dilemma...
Council members are talking now. I didn't post but really you need to watch the recoding as they are each worthy. Only Cynthia Dayton is saying she didn't vote earlier in a closed meeting to be accepting of this repeal measure.

The repeal was passed 5 to 1.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm back.....

Life is so busy, at times overly demanding. Yet I hear my children say how they enjoy their classes and activities. I'd like to write about it but here I am at the City Council Meeting after missing a quite a few over the summer months.

What the heck. We have decided to join a home school choir because the youth and children will be singing in Latin this Christmas, at Temple Square. I think it's Vivaldi's Gloria. Eli has a writing class on-line with Williamsburg Academy, Beth has Latin also online with Leadership Education Academy, Mattia continues with Take Flight for dyslexia, she is teaching herself Greek and learning astronomy. Both the older two are taking a Key of Liberty class Tuesday mornings at 7am for 2 hours. All four of us are taking a 9am religious class taught by Susan Black on the history of Joseph Smith twice a week. Beth continues to learn with Simply Music, she is learning accompaniment, transposing, and making her own jazz music besides practicing over 40 other songs. I and my friend Belinda are teaching Shakespeare Wednesday afternoons with 9 youth. We will hold our second class tomorrow. Our community room in the basement is being used on Thursdays for a fun writing class for ages 8-14. I'm not a part of it but I put my head in occasionally and see and feel a large amount of energy and excitement. And last but not lest, the kids make bread to sell at BYU's Farmer market Thursday evenings. Wow no wonder I feel tired when I hit the bed at night. The funny thing is how early I am waking up.

Our kids are holding a Shakespeare movie fest tonight while we are here at the city meeting. The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet and or maybe Romeo and Juliet or they may go with Johnny Tremain for Key of Liberty. Either way they are excited about their learning.

I'm reading a book that's new to me called, Teach The Children and I've been watching a video called Celestial Education. I have felt a strong need to use our faith more fully in our daily education. I found what I was looking for in my gospel study this morning D&C 130:18-19 a wonderful realization and also in D&C 93:39-43&49 This was so neat for me this morning. I'm grateful for the blessing of waking up at 4:30 just for the blessing of turning to the word of God.

Shame on me!!! The city council has been running for 40 minutes now. I heard Mayor Curtis say today on the radio that he plans to ask to have Steve Turley removed from the council now that the finding (which I don't know of) are in regarding some of his activities.
A member of the Provo Library was awarded employee of the month. A husband and wife team was awarded a key to the city for their service within our community over a number of many years.
The room is fairly full this evening as there is going to be talk about parking issues AGAIN in the Joaquin area  and what to do about the I-PROVO failure issue.
There is a discussion going on regarding some property to be purchased for housing development for low income. It sounds like Sterling is asking why is there a plan to pay more for the property when an other agency can purchase it for about 30,000 less and the money could be returned to the tax payers. This is between the Redevelopment Agency and the Neighbor Works program. All members, except Sterling, voted for the the property to be bought at the higher price. Was that done just for convenience?
Now turning to the I Provo problem. The city created their own internet service in 2004 but it failed and there is a monthly payment of over $200,000 that needs to be added to pay the 2004 sales tax revenue bonds that were issued to fund the Fiber Optic network.  It's going to be long tonight. I think they want to add about $8 /month to residential families to pay for this.  Citizens are now speaking about this issue. Oh boy, someone from BYU just got up to say how terrible the city is with the tax its going to place on BYU. The Mayor responded to him and it was clarified that the man was here representing himself. Ouch, Rick Healey just stomped on this guy who I think said he is an engineer at a BYU working with electrical distribution.

Rats...I've got to go home Gove has some work business to take care of. This is so interesting...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's time for a picnic....

The 4th Annual Utah County
Homeschool Picnic In The Park

Date: Friday, September 2, 2011
Time: 11:00am-2:00pm (lunch served at Noon)
                                        Place: South Fork Park Travel up Provo Canyon about 5.8 miles, turn  right   at Vivian Park and go directly up the paved road about 1.7 miles.

What You Should Bring: A hot or cold side dish that serves at least 10 people (salads, relishes, casseroles, chips, etc.).

The Committee Will Provide: Pulled pork sandwiches on fresh homemade rolls, water, dessert, condiments, plates and utensils.

R.S.V.P. and sign up for one of the following:
Setup Crew (arrive at 10:00)
Clean-Up Crew (detail from 2:30 – 3:00)
Serving Crew (detail from 11:45 to 1:00)
Hydration Crew (bring a 5-gallon cooler with Kool-Aid or Root Beer)
Shade Crew (bring a pop-up canopy)
Bar-B-Crew (bring a propane-fired barbecue)
Advertisement Crew (Duplicate this flier (use the attached document) and post at local library, grocery store, etc.)

Bulletin Board: There will be a place to post announcements for support groups, commonwealth schools, book discussions, clubs, etc. Feel free to bring fliers or a poster of what you are organizing.

Last year more than 500 people attended. We would love to spread the word throughout Utah County with all homeschooling families and organizations. Everyone is welcome.

There's a great creek in which to splash, so bring a towel.

R.S.V.P.  and include the number of people coming.

I'm so excited to have this opportunity to share the day with you and your families. If this is your first time attending, your children will love playing out on the open grass field, walking in the woods, playing in the creek, and seeing how many other children homeschool just like them. Plus there is plenty of mothers and fathers talking and mingling too.
Be generous with the size of the side dish you bring, we don't want anyone going home hungry.
Thank you,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

City Council Can Be A Joy...

IHC representative is here thanking the city agencies for helping with the recent "Take Back" of prescription drugs that aren't being used. The value was quite significant. Sorry my computer wasn't ready and I was distracted from getting the numbers.

Open Comment is to last just 15 minutes with 3 minutes for each person. Rick Healey just said that after the action items are finished they will return to open comment for those who are here to make comments tonight.

Sounds like there is something going on with ethics of Steve T. and Taylor O. responded to this groups accusations against Steve T. I have no idea what is going on. I better check the paper.

Here is the link regarding misconduct by Steve Turley in the Deseret News. Here is an article 5 days ago from the Daily Herald

Sounds like city council has sent a letter to Steve T. requesting his resignation.

A citizen is questioning how Steve Turley can take a leave of absence. Another citizen wonders why a private person can be stopped for misconduct but when misconduct is by local government like over taxing it is validated are not unethical. Another citizen wanted an answer at to why 16% is the proposed property tax increase. One last citizen thanked council members for their work and fast action regarding Steve T. 

Action Items:

1. Desire to increase square footage of residential units along Center Street. No it sounds like they want to be able to decrease some size to something like 350 sq. ft. for studio type residences.  Public thoughts: Lindsey's concern is the parking in the downtown area. Jason is always for property rights and sees this as a way to grant freedom to the property owners. Gloria supports the idea of small apartments. Glen wants to know how the neighbors around the area feels about it and that they have a chance to express themselves. Dave is requesting this change in the ordinance. He is talking about the desire to get people to move downtown. Sounds like more of the retired community members would be interested in this.  It passed by the council.

2. Disclosure of campaign finance disclosure appeals. Passed but there was no public comment for this. I wonder why????

3. Budget change to amend money for the CDB program. Something to do with delays by COngress and HUD. Why must we rely on federal governnmnet for funds? I know there probably isn't any other way, but really I feel like our federal government needs to stop supporting other countries and their problems and many of our own problems and work on eliminating our nations debt.

6. The city has a program where they buy and fix homes and then sell them. But the homes aren't selling at all. Now the redevelopment agency and the HOME and CDBG are agreeing to wanting to rent these homes so that some income is coming in and no longer having the homes vacant. Charlene from the Neighborhood Works Provo is saying that turning to rentals, though it's not part of the goal, they will turn to renting.

5000 Year Leap –

25th Principle

 “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.”

27th Principle

The Burden of Debt is as Destructive to Freedom as Subjugation by Conquest

26th Principle

The core unit which determines the strength of any society is the family; therefore, the government should foster and protect its integrity.

Principle 7

 The proper role of government is to protect equal rights, not provide equal things.

Principle 15

The highest level of prosperity occurs when there is a free-market economy and minimum of government regulations.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our First Colonial Fest...

It was sometime this past March when we learned about the Colonial Heritage Foundation which sponsors Colonial Fest in Orem, Ut. during the 4th of July weekend. Our family was asked to participate in the event after the president read a news article about our children and the bakery they run along with the fact that they spent almost three weeks in Colonial America two years ago. The information was enough to get this invitation.

Days and months passed. Soon June came and I started to take the need for sewing very seriously. I spent hours at the bench preparing our colonial clothes. Gove and I also made a canvas tent with four sides that lifted out to provide shade. Gove made a table that was high enough to fit his height. He also made an amazing brick oven called a black oven.

July 1st finally arrived. Actually, on June 29th Gove took all 300 plus bricks and blocks to the Scera Park and began a 6 hour set up process of his oven. You too may be interested in this. You can view his pictures here.
On the 30th we set up our tent and supplies. Elijah and his cousin Gavin slept onsite each night while a fire was burning every night in the oven, heating the bricks and preparing the oven for the following morning. July 1st arrived and we started on a new family adventure.

What fun we had, and some grouchiness too as the children and parents worked many hours and some long into the night. But overall we had a fun time. Gove loved sharing about the history of bread and how it was made back then. I enjoyed running the counter and selling our goods with the children. We saw many friends and many home schoolers who knew me but I didn't know them.

The whole colonial community at this fest was centered around learning and friendship with each other. This is going to be something Gove and I will want to continue even after the children leave home.

Imagine baking four nights in a row, often until midnight or 2am in order to be ready to sell the next day. I'm still tired. We prepared Colonial Applesauce Cake, Macaroon Cookies, and Colonial Molasses Whole Wheat Bread at home. Gove made sourdough rolls and loafs on site.

Gove's oven was a hit, the food was fresh, hot, and delicious. The churning of cream into butter went well in the mornings not so well in the heat of the day. Yet almost everyone enjoyed fresh made butter on their bread. We even sold cookies for another establishment who wasn't having any luck at their price level. That is one thing that Gove and I don't want to do. Hick the prices just because people are hungry. Our cake was 25 cents per slice, slice of bread 50 cents with butter and honey, molasses bread $4/loaf, and the sourdough $5/loaf. All very affordable.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Warning, spititual drainage occurs when over scheduling....

June has been incredibly busy for I and my family. I learned a good lesson though...

Don't over schedule your summer months!

I had planned out so much for the summer from education to camps I left very little time for family. Why did I do this????  It wasn't the whole summer just the first two months. Learn from this and move onward.  Enough of that.

Eli and Beth went on a Pioneer Trek last week. When I find my camera I post the pictures of them. So cute to see them dressed as or near as pioneers. Beth was called upon by our Bishop to share her experience. Poor Beth was brave to go up, she stood silently for maybe two minutes and then the Bishop spoke to her and she was able to say something about the bus breaking down and then she paused again and I could see something come to life quickly in her face and she bore her testimony of Jesus and of the pioneers. I was so happy for her to get up and do this. She is so shy getting in front of people. I think the YASA club is helpful to her for this shyness too. She actually wrote a play that the girls are going to do the end of July and she played so comfortably with the girls, it was a joy to see the interactions.

Gove and I decided to go through a cleaning of the gi tract. We started raw veggies on the 6th of June. We are going through a formulated plan of herbs and raw fruits and veggies as well as a weekly colonic for one month. I decided to attempt this because of my increasing and painful frontal headaches. Gove wanted to do this because he felt he was at a block with weight loss and also that he would like to use the Fit for Life food combing that I have always wanted to avoid and have nothing to do with it.
I have had one major headache and two minor that were alleviated with raw cashews quite quickly. It was by no means been an easy progress for me. I am so sick of kale. I long for a piece of bread mainly sourdough but I'm not sure I want to put it into my body now. Since beginning this journey I have had weight loss. I guess you could call it intestinal weight but it shows on my body. I'm at about 13 pounds less then when I started and I can see less sticking out of my abdomen which is a miracle in my mind. Gove has lost over 20 pounds. I'm not sure how we are going to approach raw foods when we are finished with this cleansing cycle. I have had flank discomfort off and on. I have found this to be an interesting experience. Not sure if I want to do this again but I do feel I need to eat very little if no meat for awhile and now I want to do better combining of our foods. The other thing that has been interesting doing this is how I don't and haven't felt weak. When we were with our trainer earlier this year, I often felt weak after eating and would eat more but still I felt weak and terrible. I have not felt this way at all this month. I do get uncomfortable at times but not weak.

Last of all, we have been preparing for the Colonial Heritage Foundation's colonial fest being held at the Scera Park in Orem next weekend. Our family is going to represent a colonial bakery. Gove has made a brick oven heated with wood. We will be making a whole wheat molasses bread and a sourdough. We may even supply some bread to the local tavern. I have sewn all the clothes for the girls and myself, made caps for the males, learned how to make 60 button holes, and I now need to stitch 20 buttons on to the waistcoat for Gove. The oven Gove designed and made is marvelous. It's been educational is so many ways for he and the kids. 

I'm looking forward to less scheduling and more peace for pondering and seeking to live my days with less activity and more promptings of action. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I know who John Galt is...

My sister recently saw the movie. She said she like it though she has not read the book Atlas Shrugged. I have read the book but not seen the movie. Not sure if I'll watch the movie anytime soon. However, the other day I and Gove were getting ready for a book discussion and were reading from The Annals of America #2 when we see the name John Galt. Turns out he was an author, entrepreneur, and founder of Guelph in Canada.

I haven't looked for the reason why Ayn Rand choose this name but could it be this guy who no one really knows of today except maybe some Canadians?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I dislike unknown feelings

I have a feeling that I need to do something. I can't put my finger on it. I felt a couple of nights ago that I need to learn more about government. But I'm not sure that is what I feel right now. I feel like I need to go and do... something.

I've prayed about it this morning but no comfort for the feeling. It feels like tension in a way but not stress. Perhaps this is a sense of a need to do or MAYBE it's more like a need to become. Be come what?, I ask myself.

I felt so uneasy with President Obama saying to Israel that they should have  borders similar to the 1960's. But I don't know why I feel uneasy about this. I feel emotional concerns for my country but I can't pinpoint what it is and I'm more sure that I don't even know myself because I haven't learned it yet.

There it is again! That negative thought " How can I do this when I don't have enough time." Ugh, I don't like having this feeling, so I'm going to get active with YASA stuff and see if it goes away. No, I don't want it to go away necessarily but rather if I can feel guided in some direction to take with it.
“Don't say you don't have enough time. 
You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday...

 Here is the birthday girl on her 12th birthday which was celebrated yesterday. She and her mom got up at 5am and went to the Provo temple to do baptisms with the young women who happen to attend every Tuesday morning. It was wonderful to sit with my oldest daughter, second child, and talk about her growth and development as a daughter of God. We talked about rose buds opening into beautiful roses and how our journey from girlhood into womanhood can be related to the maturing of a rose bud into a rose flower. We hugged and held hands and so many people smiled and welcomed     us because we were sitting at the entrance, waiting for the other girls to arrive.

My Tribute to Beth goes something like this. I am at times overwhelmed by the determination of this girl. She awakes herself about 6am showers, practices the piano, reads her scriptures. She already read the Book of Mormon this year and is working on the Doctrines and Covenants currently. She feeds her animals and loves to spend every spare minute in reading. And if that isn't enough, she is teaching herself Latin. I administered her first exam through the Christian Latina program and learned about derivatives from her.          It was fun to find English words that originated in Latin.

Here's what's overwhelming to me. She isn't asked to do these things. She does it herself and has for many months now. Sometimes I worry she is going to be a major type A perfectionist and possibly have a hard time living with herself.  I hope I can offer wise counsel though I feel completely inadequate for the greatness of the responsibility. I know, let the holy spirit guide...

I look at her and my other children and wonder who they really are or are to become potentially speaking. Beth is creative in writing and has enjoyed the idea of being a veterinarian or some form of an animal keeper since she was able to walk comfortably through the bayou when we lived in New Orleans. I often wonder what is going on in that mind of hers. Usually it is her imagination creating a story.

Happy Birthday Bethany! Your family loves you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Third Tuesday...It's time for city council...let the balls bounce

Guess whose late to the city council meeting tonight?  I am! Not the council members for a change.

Pam Stowe is the city employee of the month for Provo! Way to go Pam. Sounds like you have a busy job getting a variety of things licensed in the city.

Public Comment time: 

Charles walked up and asked how many of the council members rode thjeir bikes to work today. Just one. Sterling Beck.
Ms. Bean is against being charged if she and other citizens choose to not use the recycling bins. If you don't recycle, your going to be fined in some way with a regular monthly fee.

It's a quite night. It's Beth's birthday today.

Consent Agenda:
-Another budget retreat is planned for this Thursday. Changes to calendar.
-Getting Ready for the Convention Center: An Action Plan for Downtown: Street Lighting, Signage, Flower Baskets,
-City wants to sell two acres.
-Facade Grant Program hasn't been used well enough and changes need to be made part of the downtown area issue.

Hot dog, the city council meeting finished in less then 50 minutes to night! Lets go home.

See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.
"It was the small Tolstoy's Diary, I casually took it down from the shelf and opened it at random. My eyes fell on the following words: "To deceive oneself is worse than to deceive others." These harsh words pierced me to the core...."
He continues to say, "Tolstoy provided the staff of life on which I nurtured my soul. Tolstoy said that one should not deceive oneself and that the voice of conscience is the voice of God. I determined to live according to these ideas."

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Teen Volunteer Board

I forced my son to attending the Provo Library Teen Volunteer program last week. Force is probably the right word here. He said maybe and I said, "yes, you are going and I think you'll like it." It was one of those say go be dos I've been blogging about at

Not only did he like it, Beth was able to attend and they helped move boxes for an upcoming event, ate candy (probably the clincher for Eli) and played some games. Sadly it was the last meeting until September but I figure it was a good way to introduce them. I think Beth will love this opportunity to hear more about books. Eli could use some friends who are male and like to read so I will have to see what happens this fall. I realized this is a great experience to add to their resume of life. Spending the next years volunteering at the local library. It's a good idea after all. I'm thankful to have listened to the prompting to say yes.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hard at work...

500 tiles and 11 hours later, we have finally finished tiling for the day. There were times when I wasn't much help with three great kids to do the work of a demanding dad who knows how to work construction and expects that tools be handed in the proper fashion, that you know what he wants before he asks for it.  While I wasn't needed, I was nonetheless busy with yard work. I have the sunburn to show for it too. And now the family is watching our new favorite movie, Megamind.
I was down loading pictures from my camera tonight and I see I'm way behind in posting activities. I think I'll just add some shots here but with now explanations.