Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where does the time go?

What is happening? The days fly by and I find myself deeper and deeper in the pool of no blogging, no true confessions, no phony stories, no real life action. I'll tell you what is happening,
TIREDNESS. I try to get up early for personal scripture study, go through the day and then I get caught staying up to late with the husband and after so many days I'm tuckered out. O.k. so this is the cycle of my life no doubt. And you've heard enough.....

Learning time is going well. We are turning focus to spelling and writing. I'm trying to use the Excellence in Writing program with the kids, a time capsule and journals. The best thing I've done is make small books for the kids to write in. We have animal stories, history stories, personal stories, all sorts of stories being written now. Very short but that's better then complaints and still nothing written. True we/kids are behind but I see strong progress, especially when I leave them to write their personal books each is working on.

The Gove and I are doing well. Exercising, smaller meals more often. Sugar levels back into normal range and fat loss is occurring for both of us.

Come see our children make their famous bread at

Got to go battery almost about to die.


Amber said...

WOW! I just checked out the video and bakery website. What an incredible education experience! Very inspiring.

Nickie said...

Thanks Amber. I'm just beginning to understand the benefits of having our children learn about free enterprise.

Kacy said...

Your new blog layout looks great.