Tuesday, March 15, 2011

City Council Meeting...it's a new beginning for me...

It's 5:10pm and here I am at the Provo city council study meeting. I missed the first item, and currently the council members are discussing increasing fees (Item B) for garbage, recycling, and yard waste cans. It sounds like they are thinking of three cans for $20 month. Black cans would go up to $12.50 /month. Motion to move to April 5th work session.

Item D: Next item sounds like the city wants to pass an ordinance to perhaps remove mining and quarrying in the city. Turley stepped down because he has interest in the case.

Item E: Turley wants to step down again over discussion regarding grading ordinance text amendment. It appears Turley has a construction business. Motion failed and I think it just died.

Item F: Intoxicating chemicals: This is about Spice and it appears that this is related to the new ordinance in 2010 that was passed. The repeal will remove the entire ordinance and I think it will occur tonight.


How exciting, once the council left for dinner, we spoke with Genelle Pugmire, who is an informed reporter for the Daily Herald. She wanted to present some ideas that the Colonial Days organizers are doing this summer and she has invited our children and us to participate. This sounds like a great educational opportunity for families in Provo and Orem. This group is trying to put together a full time colonial village in the coming years.

Hey, the council just congratulated the employee of the month and as the council members walked by Gove and I, Midge Johnson stopped and said to Gove that she has heard that he is going to run. He didn't say anything and then she said he should go for it. Rumors. Where or who started this???

Public Comment: My neighbor Carol Walters is standing to express gratitude for the Switch Provo plan. She is mentioning a forum she is having in May.

The Downtown chair person is speaking about the money that was allocated to a park and is very concerned about the appearance of downtown. (CDBG monies).

Next person talking about Proco city code ch 2 section 70, she is directly talking about Turley earlier and how he talks about the issue and then goes down to the audience.

Consent Agenda:
Everett has question about #1 She is requesting to remove item 1 that it would be lengthy. She now wants everyone to know of the $20,000 blade grant for businesses to know about and not feel like it went under the radar. She wants to know how often a city code is repealed? She is talking about the intoxicating chemical compounds associated with the ordinance passed regarding Spice. If I follow at all. It sounds like there is now/new state law and so the city wanted to go with the state law.

It appears that some money ($150,000) is going to be taken from a park (Spring Creek Park) grant and be put back into downtown improvements. I think what Beck is saying is that it's rude to go back now when there is no one here from the park support group. This is sounding very underhanded to me. This money sounds to be from some Federal grant. Why is the council/city taking this money. I wonder how many projects are being funded from money we, the city doesn't actually have? Things are heating up between Turley and Everett right now. Turley is asking for transparency for this issue. Sounds like this is going to a work session for April 5th.

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