Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Does the city planning commission hear the citizens???

I'm attending my first planning commission meeting this evening.

Two big concerns are

1. The northwest connector road and
2. The connector road over on the east side from center street and seven peaks blvd. to 300 south.

This road on the east side sounds like it's something convenient for select people perhaps. It doesn't sound like the neighbors want this road at all. There will be 8 foot walls involved, lights, two right curves and a round about at each end. The projected cost is 1.5 million dollars.

The board is now talking about this as the public comment is over. It really sounds like this board isn't going to listen to the objections of the people! Not a single person came in favor of this road! Incredible!!! Then I heard that the 8 foot wall is a deal with the pipe lines being laid and the wall would go in without a road. Why do you need an 8 foot wall with pipes being laid? Are the pipes above ground. Highly doubtful. The city person said the group needs to offer an alternative.

How many people know about a 'Master Plan' for their city?? I never did. It sounds like as a home owner it is our job to learn about this plan before buying your home to see what is planned for in the future that could affect your property value.

This is crazy. The "wall" is the property of the state. I think the state being the state mental health hospital.

They voted to keep the road going forward. Now the citizens will have to present their protest to the city council.

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