Saturday, March 26, 2011

PALMS is back in business...

I started the Provo Area Leadership Mentoring Society with my husband Gove in 2007. We offered weekly discussions throughout the school year and bimonthly book discussions during the summer months. After two years, we decided to take a break. We ended August 2009 having finally made it through all of the Federalist and Anti-federalist papers along with many other books.

Time passed..., I was happy...,then one day in the not so distant past, I wondered to myself and asked what would be coming next. Boy, was that a loaded question!

I don't recall if we decided to start PALMS before or after the protesting of early March and frankly it doesn't matter. The fact is we felt it was time to get going again.

Last night, we welcomed eight members of the community for a colloquium about Arthur C. Brooks' book, The Battle. Personal examples of what happened to one family when they decided to used government assistance while in school, and their decision to get off of all assistance because they felt more and more pressure to sign up for more and more help that they didn't even need.

Happiness has never lasted long when things are given to you. Happiness comes though earned success and our American welfare system does nothing to develop earned happiness. The thought of redistribution of our hard earned money through more taxing, knowing full well that the people who receive that money will have no idea how to use it to grow and improve themselves and continue to be unhappy because they are not willing to earn their happiness just makes me sick, sad, stunned, and stupefied.

Two books were recommended: 1st: A Item to Choose and 2nd Bridges out of Poverty

If you would like to joining us in April or May, please go to the link below for our reading schedule:

I will mention that the treat for the evening (and possibly future evenings) was (and might be again), Cinnabon cinnamon rolls that Gove made. He and I didn't have one, can you believe it! The verdict of the consumers was major thumbs up. Perhaps you will get lucky on Friday night as well. Just remember to bring your spouse.

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