Monday, March 21, 2011

They've gone global...

This morning, I received a call from what I think was a call center in India. I was told that the report on the kids bakery was in the Standard Journal and we would receive a digital copy of a plaque we could have made of the news report if I just gave the man, with the very heavy English accent, my email. I quickly looked on the web and could not find the Standard Journal and he could not tell me what state this journal was in, but I did find a web site in India that was carrying the article. I said no thanks as we already have many copies of our local Daily Herald paper.

BUT here's the amazing thing. The Associated Press did pick up the story and it's been printed or added to web news sites all over the United States (don't forget India). How funny. Well I guess that was ours/theirs fifteen minutes of fame at any rate.

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