Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So I said something...

I was leaving piano lessons this evening with Bethany, and was almost to the door when I thought I should tell Juliann, our piano mentor, about kifer and lacto-fermentation. I looked at her and said, "I feel I should tell you this so I'm just going to say it". I went on to tell her and then two other ladies told me they have kifer grains they can give me. I will make some kifer milk and bring some veggies I'm fermenting right now to Juliann next week.

Why did I say that? I'm not sure but I do know that Juliann is going through radiation therapy to fight a type of nerve cancer that was/is in her face. She will be expecting to get sores in her throat very soon. That is all I can say for the idea. Maybe it's to make her a bone broth and some soup? There are a lot of maybes in my mind. I just don't know.

I heard the thought and I acted. What will come I'm not sure. Maybe this will get the other ladies to do something since I had no idea they know about Nourishing Traditions.

Here is something that came to me yesterday:

I have decided to starts a girls club. I needed two co-advisers to help me. (I've thought about doing this in the past but did not take the idea seriously.) I called two gals who said they wanted to help. The first is Jessica, and it turns out we know each other from a George Wythe class we took. She is cute, perky and happy. She reminds me of Tonks from Harry Potter. The second mom called me this morning and said she knows my husband. Carolyn grew up in Ramona and is actually a friend of a younger sister, Elary.

Point? True it's a small world but not my point. My point is that I acted; and look who God sent me. Two women who have connections with me.

This Say Go Be Do Challenge so reminds me of the movie Field of Dreams.  "If you build it, they will come."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter Declaration...

“In our hour of deepest sorrow, we can receive profound peace from the words of the angel that first Easter morning: ‘He is not here: for he is risen.’”

“As one of His special witnesses on earth today, this glorious Easter Sunday, I declare that this is true, in His sacred name—even the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior—amen.”
—President Thomas S. Monson

This is my testimony also. Jesus lives. He atoned for our sins, he is here to strengthen us. We can reach out in humble prayer asking for comfort and guidance.  We can say yes to the promptings of the Spirit. We can learn to forgive just as Jesus did and does today. I know my Redeemer lives. What comfort this sure knowledge gives. I am striving to go where He wants me to go. I'll strive to be what He wants me to be. I try to say what He wants me to say, and I'll continue to do what He wants me to do by getting up and trying again and asking for hel[p where I'm falling short. (Which is often but it isn't going to stop me.) 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It can take just a few seconds of time....

I had planned to hold devotional every day this week. The truth is it didn't happen. We've been putting up drywall, wiring, and applying drywall compound this week.  Probably excuses, but I wanted to support my husband as he is doing all this work for me. (This new area of our basement is going to be used for clubs and youth classes starting this fall.)

One of the most important weeks of history is this week leading up to tomorrow, Easter Sunday. Having finished our fourth box of compound mud at about 8:30 pm, and being tired, I thought I'd go to bed. However, the idea (saygobedo) came to my mind to go through the pictures from the new art book we purchased last year at the church distribution center. I called the kids around Gove and I and with in minutes we talked our way through the stories of Jesus and came to his final days. I started to feel rather emotional. I realized that what was occurring at this moment tonight was probably just as meaningful as spending each day this week going through the last days of the life of Jesus. It was very tender to have the Holy Ghost witness and confirm this mission having been fulfilled that Jesus was sent to do by his Father. And then it was over, and Beth gave a touching family prayer for the night.

It would have been easy to ignore this feeling this evening after all the work of the day. I'm glad I didn't do just that. Ignore. I'm most thankful to be willing of heart and mind to take the 30 Day Say Go Be Do Challenge as it is helping me already to see, and feel, the guidance of a Loving Heavenly Father and of His son Jesus Christ.

The other interesting thing about this experience is that I have wondered if I've missed some saygobedos the past few days because I have not had personal scripture study. I do know how vital that can be to me as I strive to take on the idea of seeking out and acting on promptings.

Tonight was also an answer that my Heavenly Father was hearing my thoughts, feelings, and concerns of my heart and mind today. This is very comforting.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A sudden idea...

This afternoon while I was waiting for Mattia at her Take Flight class, a sudden idea, an epiphany, a saygobedo came into my mind.

I was thinking about the YASA club I'm starting for my girls and others girls in the valley. We meet on the 20th of next month, and I was wondering about what our first activity will be if I don't get the committee members together prior to our first club meeting. I was also thinking about gardening and mini-factories that I just read about in Oliver DeMille's book The Coming Aristocracy, when my mind was enlightened....

We can do a YASA garden right next to the entrance to our basement level! The earth is ready for planting and it feels like the right way to start our club together. The girls can bring sprouting plants or we can do seeds of both veggies and flowers.

Peace has come to my mind about that aspect.  We will need a service project too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Humble Pie....

I have held a grudge against a Provo city employee for almost two years. But not any longer. This all started with the Farmers' Market and feeling accused of not paying our rental fee. I didn't appreciated the accusations which where not true and I was able to verify the payment. But being me, I just decided to not like this woman for two years! Gove helped me to see that maybe I should consider how hard things were for her as she was new to running the market. I tried to think along these lines and I came to see that I have been wrong and I would need to go and apologize to her.

As I came up to the council meeting room, there she was waiting at the door. I went right up to her and asked to speak with her. I said this was going to sound funny but I had held a grudge against her and I was wrong and want to ask her forgiveness. She was quick to forgive and apologized herself to me. She was very nice and explained how she was on blood pressure medication and her body wasn't responding. True I wasn't the only person unhappy with her. But really, for me to dislike her for 2 years has been pitiful and prideful.
We parted happily and on good terms. Once I was sitting and the council meeting was running, she came and gave me a peace offering of 6 Hersey candies. She actually seems quite nice. It's so hard to know when you first judge a person. Of which I am almost queen of.

Say go be do...I'll just keep working at it.

P.S. It's now Wednesday morning and I was writing in my journal...I realized that last nights opportunity was not a coincidence. I feel that my Heavenly Father gave me this opportunity, or rather made it for me to take a hold of because I have been trying to obey the prompting of the Holy Ghost even in things I would not have thought as spiritual promptings. I see this as a gift to repent and have made amends. I'm thankful.
What we give comes back in return in the way that we need it.

April 19th Provo City Council Meeting...

I apologize, my bladder would hold no more, I missed the opening ceremony this evening.
I followed through with a Say Go Be Do when I made it to the meeting chambers as well! I'll post it at I Will Say GO Be Do.

Currently an award was given to Jason of the Provo Fire dept., A Proclamation given by the Mayor for Utah County's Prescription Take-Back Day. There was a long range budget presentation as well. Ms. Everett is speaking. She said they are trying to really get real with this years budget.

I noticed the council has been having retreats to deal with "issues". How much does that cost? Where do they hold these retreats? I don't believe these are open to the public. But then again I haven't asked about it yet.

Public Comment:
Melanie McCord has questions about Spring Creek Park. Another resident has concerns about the breakdown of her neighborhood. She is concerned about possibility of drug activity going on. Wayne Parker is aware of the area and says the site has been under surveillance.

Consent Agenda: no discussion was given.

Redevelopment Agency:
This is the CDBG program. Wanting to target the money to areas where there will be the best results shown with the funds. Two programs: 1. A loan of $20,000 with a differed loan of _____years. If it's a rental, the owner will need to have low income renters. 2. Brush of Kindness program that was seen in Ca. A grant for very low income, elderly, disabled. The grants are about $5,000 for painting and ______. It needs to be repaid within three years if the owner moves during that time. They have no money right now for this proposed project. They hope the money will come in. They just want to establish a future program. The funds are supposed to come from the selling of particular homes but the homes are not selling so there is no money.

Action Items:
5. Talking about Spring Creek Park. Sterling wants to pass $1 to the park. His purpose is to keep this park on the councils agenda . This park lost about $150,000 (if I remember correctly) and it was given elsewhere. So there is much discussion. Midge did second Sterling's proposal but now she wants to change and is speaking to Roger_____who said he has an agent looking into Spring Creek properties to purchase. There isn't any development money right now.
Discussion about the history of plans for parks in Provo.
A new motion was finally passed for $5,000 and it was passed by the board. Gove just told me that Sterling asked for $3,000 in the study meeting and his idea was coldly received. Now they all accepted $5,000. I wonder what happened?

#7 I'm tired, hungry, and thirsty. That's not a good combination for listening attentively. This agenda item is related to a plan to build a 12 unit complex in the Maeser neighborhood. The design looks nice. People are here to stand against this complex and are giving their points of view. Habitat for Humanity does not want this complex built either. The property is behind Allens Grocery Store on 3rd South near State Street.
Mr. Allen of Allens Grocery spoke for the project as well as a man who lives next to the lot.

8. Sorry to all you important people who are reading this. I'm tired and need to go home before a headache comes on ...sleep

Monday, April 18, 2011

No permanent damage... for any of us...

The good news is that my sister Carrie, is out of the hospital today. She broke her neck in a skiing accident yesterday. Fortunately the break did not involve the spinal cord. She broke either the transverse or spinous processes. So the good news is that she doesn't need surgery and has to wear a neck brace for the next 4ish weeks. Such a blessing.

We learned last week that Grandpa V. has liver cancer. We will learn of the plan of attack later this week.

This morning was one of those days when I felt I needed to go to the temple. I wanted to add a number of family names to the prayer roll and I needed to feel the peace I find when I attend the temple, send time in prayer, service and scripture study. It was a nice experience for me.

I had a Say Go Be Do that I didn't follow through on while leaving the temple. I felt I should have spoken directly to a sister from church who was there with a group of ladies from my neighborhood. As I said hi in general I thought that was good enough. BUT no, just as I'm leaving, I felt I should have touched and spoken directly with Betty. But I said no to myself because it would have been odd to return and do just that.
I realized I talked myself out of a SGBD moment. As I drove home I decided I would go see her and explain later.
Later was just after 8pm when I told Gove about it. He told me to get down there and tell her. I went like a diligent wife. I was somewhat shy but I just said what I was doing with this challenge, explained how I didn't listen to an idea that came to me and I was now at her home to wish her a good week.
It turned out we had a nice conversation that would not have occurred at the temple. Did I miss at the moment when the idea came? I thought I did. But now I don't think so. I had the idea, I didn't follow at the moment but I did make a plan to go, I did go later, and I and she had a nice experience.
My conclusion is that it's not that you have to act at the moment with every Say Go Be Do (some you really must act right then) but you do need to write it down and make a plan for how you will accomplish the prompting and follow up with writing what the outcome was.

If you would like to follow or be a part of Say Go Be Do, please come to:
I Will Say Go Be Do

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!

"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."

Will you accept the Say Go Be Do challenge?

I think Mr. da Vinci did.

Happy Birthday Mr. Leonardo da Vinci 1452

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oops...A not so say go be do moment

Should I write those 4 words separately, or make it one long compounded word? I like it as one word myself.

This morning I decided to quickly follow on an idea to call BYU and add Eli and Beth to the Ballroom Dance Camp. I've had the idea since Monday and I had just put it off until today. As I called registration and was actually talking to Ben (who was very friendly and helpful) I had the feeling I should have talked with Gove more fully on this idea. But I just as quickly told myself that I was following an impression and I ought to go forward.

Bad idea. It turned out that Eli has scout camp the same week and a girl can't register without a male partner. Oh sure there is a waiting list that has over 40 girls hoping for a partner. I often consult my spouse. But I didn't this time. I had to go back and cancel the whole thing.

So often I am such a silly person. I just went full steam ahead without thinking wholeheartedly. All the same I'm thankful to see the need to express gratitude to my Heavenly Father for His guidance through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, to pause and realize what I'm feeling and say what that is, pull back and take the time to follow through systematically, feel again, and then move.

It's o.k. I'm learning...

A good saygobedo happened for Beth tonight. She came to me just prior to 10pm and said she felt the ducks should be put into a cage for the night. I was about to talk her out of it when I saw that she came to me with a feeling of saygobedo and I could not snuff it out for her. I supported her and went out with her. The ducks were sitting outside the hen house so I too think it was a good idea to have followed on the impression she had. Good for you Beth.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My saygobedos...

I started to seriously pay attention to my promptings (saygobedo's) three days ago. And some fun things have occurred.

On Monday, I felt I should have a quick, personal, interview with each child about what they wanted to learn. I did it. And through following a saygobedo moment, I learned that Beth wants to study Latin and Mattia wants to study Greek and Astronomy. Eli wants to just float along and maybe listen to Spanish.

(Funny thing is, I have all those materials just waiting to be used.)

Also on Monday, I purposefully paused in my day to listen to my mind for some ideas that I might have been pushing back. None came at the time.

Tuesday was just yesterday but I didn't write and now it's out of my head. Rats...

Today was great! About a week ago I had a feeling I should apply for a board/commission with two of our city public agencies. I chose the Provo Library and the Parks/Recreation Dept. Since then the thought has come to go and introduce myself. Yikes!

So there I was at the library today with our girls when I decided I would follow that saygobedo, throw caution to the wind, and see what came out of it. I was almost to the administration office when a nice gentleman asked if I needed help. I knew instantly he was the man I was coming to see. I said his name. It was him and he told me he knew me. (Which later we learned he doesn't know me) but was just looking over the applications for the board. I was invited to his office. We had a great conversation and there was nothing to fear but fear itself.

Today, Mattia started her Greek lessons with the alphabet. This evening I had another saygobedo and knew I should watch the astronomy lesson from The Teaching Company with her. This was so neat. The lesson was fine but it was my daughter that I was watching who was amazing. First of all, many constellations came from Greek names and here she is studying that language. Secondly, the girl knew about the right shoulder of Orion being called something like Betelgeuse (sound like beetle-juice). Her mind was completely open to learning today and she new this. She recognized that she was excited to learn. So much so that she reached out and held my hand just to ground herself I think with the reality of how she was feeling. She knew she was growing. I'm so glad to have shared that moment with her. Fun, fun, fun.

Lastly, I was walking over to a presidency meeting this evening and I knew I would need to stop and speak to a sister I had not seen for a few weeks. As I came up to her house, there she was outside. I've never seen her outside her home so it was perfect timing. I listened, decided to walk, was even short on time, yet listening paid off for both of us.

It's a start. I made phones calls instead of saying I'd do it later. The same with emails. I can't say how often I plan to get back with someone. But planning to is just the same as not doing it. Go for the action.

I know I missed some impressions too. It does take time to be aware... Now I can go to bed.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Are you up for a new challenge?

Feeling like you should be doing something but not clear how to go forward?

Do you feel the need to change something, or some part about the way your going about life, going about learning, going about listening, and even how you're going about making excuses toward promptings?

Have I got a deal for you.

I'm looking for a few good friends who will form an Integrity Team with me as we take the SAYGOBEDO 30 day blog challenge.

All you need to do is purchase Tiffany's book, read it, commit to learn, fail (failure is part of succeeding), learn some more, and find out more about yourself, and blog your experiences.

There are things I want to improve upon. I have been ignoring (like for over a year now) impressions to start certain classes for my practice scholar children. A few weeks ago, I attended a Jackrabbit Factor class and decided then and there that I will start to follow through on these impression and find a way to go about changing my thinking from 'I want to/I can't do that' to 'I am doing'. I have been full of excuses as to why I'm not qualified. I'm going to move beyond this negative thinking. I've not done this before so I hope for assistance from others who also want to take the SAYGOBEDO 30 day challenge.

Who will partner with me???

Mayor Curtis sent me a letter...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lunch with the Pro Provo Partnership...

I attended a luncheon with my husband yesterday. This semi-monthly activity is sponsored by the Pro Provo Partnership which meets for lunch every 1st and 3rd Tuesday. (You buy your own lunch.)

I was a little fearful as I was the only female and some of the men seemed rather wired (high strong) and perhaps this is a mans club of business owners I thought and maybe woman are not welcomed.

Thank goodness my impression changed quickly. Anyone is welcomed.

The group would like more woman who care about the city to participate and being business owners is good too. That's when I remembered that I am a Provo city business owner. I felt much better when that thought came to my attention. I did belong after all.

The group meets at an accommodating local Provo restaurant, they talk about life, business, politics, legislature activities and who knows what else.

On this particular day, a man spoke about the upcoming Good Landlord Program. Sounds like a good way to keep apartments safer, and decrease service costs to the owners if they participate. It also sounds (to my ears and mind) that it's a way to push out criminals. The program informs the landlord when a tenant is questioned (I think) about a crime they may be involved with. This then allows the landlord to evict the renter. I'm sure there is much I'm not clear on but that is the gist of it. Other cities in SLC area are having great success with a decrease in crime and increase in income. Of course, the applicant who is seeking a rental unit will have to have a back ground check and pay for that. I remember doing this is Yakima, Wa. It was no big deal and I would rather be sure of no(certain types) of criminal records if I was living in an apartment complex.

I wonder if this is a way to address truancy and the connection with gangs...

"In an organization, your stewardship begins with yourself and then extends to the welfare and interests of the organization, the people you lead, and even beyond."

"Leadership is a proving ground. It will put pressure on your beliefs about stewardship and self-interest and the relationship between the two. The question will be whether you consistently put stewardship first."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5th City Council Meeting...

I'm feeling a tad guilty tonight. It's my R.S. presidency meeting evening and I'm not there. I did check in and learned that we were only meeting for 30 minutes so maybe I shouldn't be feeling bad after all. I'm off to the city council meeting then...


Neat. It sounds like the city is giving awards to citizens, who have been voted by neighborhood chairs, as being good neighbors.
First: A plumber, Chris Dever. He recently wrote a book titled The Cracked Plumber.
Second: Amy Smith of Joaquin neighborhood. Help with revitalizing the area.
Third: LDS Missionary Training Center in care of Richard Heaton, for interacting with its neighbors.
Fourth: Nuskin, Brent Goddard for giving over 2 million VitalMeals with "Feed the Children" and helped over 800 local families recently.
Fifth: From Provo So. areas, Kandis Gasdik lots of participation in general.
Sixth: Andy and Shawn Howell of Foothills Neighborhood.
Seventh: North Timpview for Eric Anthony and his up keep of his business complex, Edgemont Pharmacy Complex.
Eighth: Troy Carter of Provost Neighborhood. Apparently he sales at the Farmers Market too.

Open Comment Time: I just heard Midge Johnson say that the public comments are limited to a total of 15 minutes. The city council was asked by a neighborhood chair to turn off their cells and texting activities since the opening remarks ask the citizens to not use these devices.

Moving on to the Consent Agenda: Item 4: Are you aware that Frontier Airline is coming to Provo? It's true. I think the big push to let the people know will be in two weeks. Sterling Beck doesn't want the full body scan being used by TSA. Someone quickly came up to the mayor and apparently said TSA isn't going to use the fbs right away so Sterling's proposed amendment died.

Action Items: #5 authorizing the issuance of up to $39 million of general obligation bonds for the purpose of financing the cost of a recreation center. A Chicago company is going to purchase all of the bonds (not following this, but I'm going to learn). In 20 years, it's going to cost over 60 Million dollars. I wonder if this is going to be used to justify so much money. Probably so. Interest rates... And the city got a good deal at 4.1 %

Item __ : I didn't get this item number but I remember when the council provided money for Spring Creek Park. The people were excited and went home. At the next meeting, the council took the money and gave it to the downtown area for improvements. Tonight the council was approving money over $300,000 to another park that apparently is getting soccer fields. Council member Beck proposed to take $100,000 from this park and return it to the Spring Creek park because the city had granted the money and took it without any representation from the people. Council woman Everett took great offense to him proposing this now instead of at the work session. The proposal was killed and the original item didn't pass by votes either and so it goes to the next work meeting..I think.

Item 6 and 7: It's this mining and grading issue along the Slate canyon area. Steve Turley stepped off the dais. There are just 4 members to vote on this issue. If you move more then 50 yards of cubic material, you will need a permit. How much is fifty cubic yards? One cubic yard of top soil weighs 1.5 tons! My neighbor is here tonight and apparently her family (Thorn) were the ones who first started the mining along Slate canyon and she feels such sadness to see how the area was changed and hopes it stops. A number of other citizens are speaking about this too.
Item 6 will have some work discussion regarding penalties. Item 7 passed.

That's all folks.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Truancy Task Force application button not working???

On March 15th, Mayor Curtis told I and Gove that he had not received any applicantions for the task force from Provo's home schooling community. We said we applied on the 2nd of March.

Last week a local citizen had an appointment with the Mayor and this subject came up and again, Mayor Curtis said no home schooling parents had applied.

This is perplexing to me. I personally know of four others besides myself who have submitted their names. Plus two other people have emailed me in the past three days stating that they too submitted their name and have not heard back. I know of one home school mother who had an interview scheduled on the 30th of March. I hope to hear back from her by Tuesday as I'm going to give a report to the city council (and to the mayor) as I am now a participating citizen of Provo.

Gove is confident that the online submission button was not working the first few days. (He has contacted the city/mayor about this. There has been no response back to him). We actually resubmitted our names once Gove saw the problem back on the 16th/17th of March. This may explain why the Mayors office only received one applicant from the Charter schools as well.

I think its possible that Mayor Curtis may not know either. For goodness sakes, he sent us a thank you card last week and did not even mention the task force. Which makes me think he didn't read our letter or his "own" thank you card. Did you read it Mr Mayor?

So who knows what's really going on.

I have my thoughts all the same....

Getting involved: Provo Boards and Commissions...

I was awake mighty early this morning.
(It's April 3rd and we must have 5 inches of wet, heavy, snow out side. Not to mention the wind is blowing and it does not look like a day you would want to be going anywhere. Thank goodness it General Conference!
What a lucky day.

Talk about luck, I have been wondering how to go about offering my name to serve on a local board here in Provo. I found my answer through the Mayor's blog site. Thank you Mayor Curtis (who likes it if you call him John).

I bet your wondering which boards I placed an application with? All right, I'll tell you. First, I must say that I have wanted to be involved with the Provo Library for some time. The librarians are always helpful to me and our children. (Though, at times, I am disappointed that they don't have all of the great literature on history that I've wanted for our children). Nevertheless it is a fine library with room for growth and always room for improvement. Don't we all have areas to improve? I know I do. So yes, I applied for the Library Board.

Secondly, I decided to apply with the Parks and Recreation Board, because we use the parks and even reserve a park on a yearly bases. I and the kids love South Fork Park. We would love to see more museums locally (if that is possible), and last summer I took the kids to the city cemetery and we had a wonderful time looking for, and finding, the oldest grave sites. I appreciated the cemetery and the reverence we felt there. I would like to volunteer my help in this area of Provo too.
What I lack in information I can certainly learn and discover through research.
Plus, this type of volunteering will be seen by our children and we as a family can each learn together.
It's a win win for all.

I have the time, talents, and desire.
They have the say so...