Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19th Provo City Council Meeting...

I apologize, my bladder would hold no more, I missed the opening ceremony this evening.
I followed through with a Say Go Be Do when I made it to the meeting chambers as well! I'll post it at I Will Say GO Be Do.

Currently an award was given to Jason of the Provo Fire dept., A Proclamation given by the Mayor for Utah County's Prescription Take-Back Day. There was a long range budget presentation as well. Ms. Everett is speaking. She said they are trying to really get real with this years budget.

I noticed the council has been having retreats to deal with "issues". How much does that cost? Where do they hold these retreats? I don't believe these are open to the public. But then again I haven't asked about it yet.

Public Comment:
Melanie McCord has questions about Spring Creek Park. Another resident has concerns about the breakdown of her neighborhood. She is concerned about possibility of drug activity going on. Wayne Parker is aware of the area and says the site has been under surveillance.

Consent Agenda: no discussion was given.

Redevelopment Agency:
This is the CDBG program. Wanting to target the money to areas where there will be the best results shown with the funds. Two programs: 1. A loan of $20,000 with a differed loan of _____years. If it's a rental, the owner will need to have low income renters. 2. Brush of Kindness program that was seen in Ca. A grant for very low income, elderly, disabled. The grants are about $5,000 for painting and ______. It needs to be repaid within three years if the owner moves during that time. They have no money right now for this proposed project. They hope the money will come in. They just want to establish a future program. The funds are supposed to come from the selling of particular homes but the homes are not selling so there is no money.

Action Items:
5. Talking about Spring Creek Park. Sterling wants to pass $1 to the park. His purpose is to keep this park on the councils agenda . This park lost about $150,000 (if I remember correctly) and it was given elsewhere. So there is much discussion. Midge did second Sterling's proposal but now she wants to change and is speaking to Roger_____who said he has an agent looking into Spring Creek properties to purchase. There isn't any development money right now.
Discussion about the history of plans for parks in Provo.
A new motion was finally passed for $5,000 and it was passed by the board. Gove just told me that Sterling asked for $3,000 in the study meeting and his idea was coldly received. Now they all accepted $5,000. I wonder what happened?

#7 I'm tired, hungry, and thirsty. That's not a good combination for listening attentively. This agenda item is related to a plan to build a 12 unit complex in the Maeser neighborhood. The design looks nice. People are here to stand against this complex and are giving their points of view. Habitat for Humanity does not want this complex built either. The property is behind Allens Grocery Store on 3rd South near State Street.
Mr. Allen of Allens Grocery spoke for the project as well as a man who lives next to the lot.

8. Sorry to all you important people who are reading this. I'm tired and need to go home before a headache comes on ...sleep

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