Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5th City Council Meeting...

I'm feeling a tad guilty tonight. It's my R.S. presidency meeting evening and I'm not there. I did check in and learned that we were only meeting for 30 minutes so maybe I shouldn't be feeling bad after all. I'm off to the city council meeting then...


Neat. It sounds like the city is giving awards to citizens, who have been voted by neighborhood chairs, as being good neighbors.
First: A plumber, Chris Dever. He recently wrote a book titled The Cracked Plumber.
Second: Amy Smith of Joaquin neighborhood. Help with revitalizing the area.
Third: LDS Missionary Training Center in care of Richard Heaton, for interacting with its neighbors.
Fourth: Nuskin, Brent Goddard for giving over 2 million VitalMeals with "Feed the Children" and helped over 800 local families recently.
Fifth: From Provo So. areas, Kandis Gasdik lots of participation in general.
Sixth: Andy and Shawn Howell of Foothills Neighborhood.
Seventh: North Timpview for Eric Anthony and his up keep of his business complex, Edgemont Pharmacy Complex.
Eighth: Troy Carter of Provost Neighborhood. Apparently he sales at the Farmers Market too.

Open Comment Time: I just heard Midge Johnson say that the public comments are limited to a total of 15 minutes. The city council was asked by a neighborhood chair to turn off their cells and texting activities since the opening remarks ask the citizens to not use these devices.

Moving on to the Consent Agenda: Item 4: Are you aware that Frontier Airline is coming to Provo? It's true. I think the big push to let the people know will be in two weeks. Sterling Beck doesn't want the full body scan being used by TSA. Someone quickly came up to the mayor and apparently said TSA isn't going to use the fbs right away so Sterling's proposed amendment died.

Action Items: #5 authorizing the issuance of up to $39 million of general obligation bonds for the purpose of financing the cost of a recreation center. A Chicago company is going to purchase all of the bonds (not following this, but I'm going to learn). In 20 years, it's going to cost over 60 Million dollars. I wonder if this is going to be used to justify so much money. Probably so. Interest rates... And the city got a good deal at 4.1 %

Item __ : I didn't get this item number but I remember when the council provided money for Spring Creek Park. The people were excited and went home. At the next meeting, the council took the money and gave it to the downtown area for improvements. Tonight the council was approving money over $300,000 to another park that apparently is getting soccer fields. Council member Beck proposed to take $100,000 from this park and return it to the Spring Creek park because the city had granted the money and took it without any representation from the people. Council woman Everett took great offense to him proposing this now instead of at the work session. The proposal was killed and the original item didn't pass by votes either and so it goes to the next work meeting..I think.

Item 6 and 7: It's this mining and grading issue along the Slate canyon area. Steve Turley stepped off the dais. There are just 4 members to vote on this issue. If you move more then 50 yards of cubic material, you will need a permit. How much is fifty cubic yards? One cubic yard of top soil weighs 1.5 tons! My neighbor is here tonight and apparently her family (Thorn) were the ones who first started the mining along Slate canyon and she feels such sadness to see how the area was changed and hopes it stops. A number of other citizens are speaking about this too.
Item 6 will have some work discussion regarding penalties. Item 7 passed.

That's all folks.

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