Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting involved: Provo Boards and Commissions...

I was awake mighty early this morning.
(It's April 3rd and we must have 5 inches of wet, heavy, snow out side. Not to mention the wind is blowing and it does not look like a day you would want to be going anywhere. Thank goodness it General Conference!
What a lucky day.

Talk about luck, I have been wondering how to go about offering my name to serve on a local board here in Provo. I found my answer through the Mayor's blog site. Thank you Mayor Curtis (who likes it if you call him John).

I bet your wondering which boards I placed an application with? All right, I'll tell you. First, I must say that I have wanted to be involved with the Provo Library for some time. The librarians are always helpful to me and our children. (Though, at times, I am disappointed that they don't have all of the great literature on history that I've wanted for our children). Nevertheless it is a fine library with room for growth and always room for improvement. Don't we all have areas to improve? I know I do. So yes, I applied for the Library Board.

Secondly, I decided to apply with the Parks and Recreation Board, because we use the parks and even reserve a park on a yearly bases. I and the kids love South Fork Park. We would love to see more museums locally (if that is possible), and last summer I took the kids to the city cemetery and we had a wonderful time looking for, and finding, the oldest grave sites. I appreciated the cemetery and the reverence we felt there. I would like to volunteer my help in this area of Provo too.
What I lack in information I can certainly learn and discover through research.
Plus, this type of volunteering will be seen by our children and we as a family can each learn together.
It's a win win for all.

I have the time, talents, and desire.
They have the say so...

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