Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Humble Pie....

I have held a grudge against a Provo city employee for almost two years. But not any longer. This all started with the Farmers' Market and feeling accused of not paying our rental fee. I didn't appreciated the accusations which where not true and I was able to verify the payment. But being me, I just decided to not like this woman for two years! Gove helped me to see that maybe I should consider how hard things were for her as she was new to running the market. I tried to think along these lines and I came to see that I have been wrong and I would need to go and apologize to her.

As I came up to the council meeting room, there she was waiting at the door. I went right up to her and asked to speak with her. I said this was going to sound funny but I had held a grudge against her and I was wrong and want to ask her forgiveness. She was quick to forgive and apologized herself to me. She was very nice and explained how she was on blood pressure medication and her body wasn't responding. True I wasn't the only person unhappy with her. But really, for me to dislike her for 2 years has been pitiful and prideful.
We parted happily and on good terms. Once I was sitting and the council meeting was running, she came and gave me a peace offering of 6 Hersey candies. She actually seems quite nice. It's so hard to know when you first judge a person. Of which I am almost queen of.

Say go be do...I'll just keep working at it.

P.S. It's now Wednesday morning and I was writing in my journal...I realized that last nights opportunity was not a coincidence. I feel that my Heavenly Father gave me this opportunity, or rather made it for me to take a hold of because I have been trying to obey the prompting of the Holy Ghost even in things I would not have thought as spiritual promptings. I see this as a gift to repent and have made amends. I'm thankful.
What we give comes back in return in the way that we need it.

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