Saturday, April 23, 2011

It can take just a few seconds of time....

I had planned to hold devotional every day this week. The truth is it didn't happen. We've been putting up drywall, wiring, and applying drywall compound this week.  Probably excuses, but I wanted to support my husband as he is doing all this work for me. (This new area of our basement is going to be used for clubs and youth classes starting this fall.)

One of the most important weeks of history is this week leading up to tomorrow, Easter Sunday. Having finished our fourth box of compound mud at about 8:30 pm, and being tired, I thought I'd go to bed. However, the idea (saygobedo) came to my mind to go through the pictures from the new art book we purchased last year at the church distribution center. I called the kids around Gove and I and with in minutes we talked our way through the stories of Jesus and came to his final days. I started to feel rather emotional. I realized that what was occurring at this moment tonight was probably just as meaningful as spending each day this week going through the last days of the life of Jesus. It was very tender to have the Holy Ghost witness and confirm this mission having been fulfilled that Jesus was sent to do by his Father. And then it was over, and Beth gave a touching family prayer for the night.

It would have been easy to ignore this feeling this evening after all the work of the day. I'm glad I didn't do just that. Ignore. I'm most thankful to be willing of heart and mind to take the 30 Day Say Go Be Do Challenge as it is helping me already to see, and feel, the guidance of a Loving Heavenly Father and of His son Jesus Christ.

The other interesting thing about this experience is that I have wondered if I've missed some saygobedos the past few days because I have not had personal scripture study. I do know how vital that can be to me as I strive to take on the idea of seeking out and acting on promptings.

Tonight was also an answer that my Heavenly Father was hearing my thoughts, feelings, and concerns of my heart and mind today. This is very comforting.

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