Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lunch with the Pro Provo Partnership...

I attended a luncheon with my husband yesterday. This semi-monthly activity is sponsored by the Pro Provo Partnership which meets for lunch every 1st and 3rd Tuesday. (You buy your own lunch.)

I was a little fearful as I was the only female and some of the men seemed rather wired (high strong) and perhaps this is a mans club of business owners I thought and maybe woman are not welcomed.

Thank goodness my impression changed quickly. Anyone is welcomed.

The group would like more woman who care about the city to participate and being business owners is good too. That's when I remembered that I am a Provo city business owner. I felt much better when that thought came to my attention. I did belong after all.

The group meets at an accommodating local Provo restaurant, they talk about life, business, politics, legislature activities and who knows what else.

On this particular day, a man spoke about the upcoming Good Landlord Program. Sounds like a good way to keep apartments safer, and decrease service costs to the owners if they participate. It also sounds (to my ears and mind) that it's a way to push out criminals. The program informs the landlord when a tenant is questioned (I think) about a crime they may be involved with. This then allows the landlord to evict the renter. I'm sure there is much I'm not clear on but that is the gist of it. Other cities in SLC area are having great success with a decrease in crime and increase in income. Of course, the applicant who is seeking a rental unit will have to have a back ground check and pay for that. I remember doing this is Yakima, Wa. It was no big deal and I would rather be sure of no(certain types) of criminal records if I was living in an apartment complex.

I wonder if this is a way to address truancy and the connection with gangs...

"In an organization, your stewardship begins with yourself and then extends to the welfare and interests of the organization, the people you lead, and even beyond."

"Leadership is a proving ground. It will put pressure on your beliefs about stewardship and self-interest and the relationship between the two. The question will be whether you consistently put stewardship first."

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