Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My saygobedos...

I started to seriously pay attention to my promptings (saygobedo's) three days ago. And some fun things have occurred.

On Monday, I felt I should have a quick, personal, interview with each child about what they wanted to learn. I did it. And through following a saygobedo moment, I learned that Beth wants to study Latin and Mattia wants to study Greek and Astronomy. Eli wants to just float along and maybe listen to Spanish.

(Funny thing is, I have all those materials just waiting to be used.)

Also on Monday, I purposefully paused in my day to listen to my mind for some ideas that I might have been pushing back. None came at the time.

Tuesday was just yesterday but I didn't write and now it's out of my head. Rats...

Today was great! About a week ago I had a feeling I should apply for a board/commission with two of our city public agencies. I chose the Provo Library and the Parks/Recreation Dept. Since then the thought has come to go and introduce myself. Yikes!

So there I was at the library today with our girls when I decided I would follow that saygobedo, throw caution to the wind, and see what came out of it. I was almost to the administration office when a nice gentleman asked if I needed help. I knew instantly he was the man I was coming to see. I said his name. It was him and he told me he knew me. (Which later we learned he doesn't know me) but was just looking over the applications for the board. I was invited to his office. We had a great conversation and there was nothing to fear but fear itself.

Today, Mattia started her Greek lessons with the alphabet. This evening I had another saygobedo and knew I should watch the astronomy lesson from The Teaching Company with her. This was so neat. The lesson was fine but it was my daughter that I was watching who was amazing. First of all, many constellations came from Greek names and here she is studying that language. Secondly, the girl knew about the right shoulder of Orion being called something like Betelgeuse (sound like beetle-juice). Her mind was completely open to learning today and she new this. She recognized that she was excited to learn. So much so that she reached out and held my hand just to ground herself I think with the reality of how she was feeling. She knew she was growing. I'm so glad to have shared that moment with her. Fun, fun, fun.

Lastly, I was walking over to a presidency meeting this evening and I knew I would need to stop and speak to a sister I had not seen for a few weeks. As I came up to her house, there she was outside. I've never seen her outside her home so it was perfect timing. I listened, decided to walk, was even short on time, yet listening paid off for both of us.

It's a start. I made phones calls instead of saying I'd do it later. The same with emails. I can't say how often I plan to get back with someone. But planning to is just the same as not doing it. Go for the action.

I know I missed some impressions too. It does take time to be aware... Now I can go to bed.

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