Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oops...A not so say go be do moment

Should I write those 4 words separately, or make it one long compounded word? I like it as one word myself.

This morning I decided to quickly follow on an idea to call BYU and add Eli and Beth to the Ballroom Dance Camp. I've had the idea since Monday and I had just put it off until today. As I called registration and was actually talking to Ben (who was very friendly and helpful) I had the feeling I should have talked with Gove more fully on this idea. But I just as quickly told myself that I was following an impression and I ought to go forward.

Bad idea. It turned out that Eli has scout camp the same week and a girl can't register without a male partner. Oh sure there is a waiting list that has over 40 girls hoping for a partner. I often consult my spouse. But I didn't this time. I had to go back and cancel the whole thing.

So often I am such a silly person. I just went full steam ahead without thinking wholeheartedly. All the same I'm thankful to see the need to express gratitude to my Heavenly Father for His guidance through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, to pause and realize what I'm feeling and say what that is, pull back and take the time to follow through systematically, feel again, and then move.

It's o.k. I'm learning...

A good saygobedo happened for Beth tonight. She came to me just prior to 10pm and said she felt the ducks should be put into a cage for the night. I was about to talk her out of it when I saw that she came to me with a feeling of saygobedo and I could not snuff it out for her. I supported her and went out with her. The ducks were sitting outside the hen house so I too think it was a good idea to have followed on the impression she had. Good for you Beth.

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