Thursday, April 21, 2011

A sudden idea...

This afternoon while I was waiting for Mattia at her Take Flight class, a sudden idea, an epiphany, a saygobedo came into my mind.

I was thinking about the YASA club I'm starting for my girls and others girls in the valley. We meet on the 20th of next month, and I was wondering about what our first activity will be if I don't get the committee members together prior to our first club meeting. I was also thinking about gardening and mini-factories that I just read about in Oliver DeMille's book The Coming Aristocracy, when my mind was enlightened....

We can do a YASA garden right next to the entrance to our basement level! The earth is ready for planting and it feels like the right way to start our club together. The girls can bring sprouting plants or we can do seeds of both veggies and flowers.

Peace has come to my mind about that aspect.  We will need a service project too.

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