Sunday, April 3, 2011

Truancy Task Force application button not working???

On March 15th, Mayor Curtis told I and Gove that he had not received any applicantions for the task force from Provo's home schooling community. We said we applied on the 2nd of March.

Last week a local citizen had an appointment with the Mayor and this subject came up and again, Mayor Curtis said no home schooling parents had applied.

This is perplexing to me. I personally know of four others besides myself who have submitted their names. Plus two other people have emailed me in the past three days stating that they too submitted their name and have not heard back. I know of one home school mother who had an interview scheduled on the 30th of March. I hope to hear back from her by Tuesday as I'm going to give a report to the city council (and to the mayor) as I am now a participating citizen of Provo.

Gove is confident that the online submission button was not working the first few days. (He has contacted the city/mayor about this. There has been no response back to him). We actually resubmitted our names once Gove saw the problem back on the 16th/17th of March. This may explain why the Mayors office only received one applicant from the Charter schools as well.

I think its possible that Mayor Curtis may not know either. For goodness sakes, he sent us a thank you card last week and did not even mention the task force. Which makes me think he didn't read our letter or his "own" thank you card. Did you read it Mr Mayor?

So who knows what's really going on.

I have my thoughts all the same....

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