Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The ball begins to bounce...

May 3rd City Council

What's the deal? I'm in my seat but there isn't a city council to begin the meeting. Oh, now they come just 20 minutes late. I wonder what was going on??? Fighting maybe. It has happened in the near past.

Did you know that May is National Community Action Month?  I just learned this because I'm setting next to the director of the local Community Action Food Bank. The mayor is going to announce a proclamation.

We are now trying to watch a youtube with Gunnar Legas a local boy who has a major throwing arm and he just gave the opening prayer. This kid looks like he's going to be the next Jimmer of football.

-Approving of April's minutes.

-Here comes the proclamation!  Community Action started in 1964. Myla, the director said she sure does appreciate the scouts food drive.
-Public Comment Time:  I hope someone with a crazy idea gets up. It will make the evening so more exciting if not humorous...
-Laura is up expressing concern that she saw a youth driver on Center St. texting while driving over the via duct.
-Diane is concerned that at today's work session she heard the council considering changing how they store data. Maybe less paper minutes and rely on recorded material as the permanent record. She is concerned that with changes in technology these electronic data will be lost at some point in the future.
-Lindsey is concerned with issues related to the upcoming election. He has heard a rumor that there is a council member/s who might be considering running again because of the health benefits, and other things.
-Consent Agenda:
-Items one and two automatically approved.
-Item 3 property on the east side. passes
-Item 4 tentative budget presented by Mayor Curtis. Budget starts July 1st through June 30th of 2012. The mayor said they held 6 budget retreats to work on this budget. I wonder if they had not had the retreats if the balancing of the budget might have occurred sooner. (Just teasing) Revenues have bumped up a little bit he says. A citizen financial committee was also involved. Last year there was a cut of over 5 billion which has helped to restore some benefits to city government employees with this new budget. $153,726,464 is the proposed budget and the final adoption is June 29th. There's a lot of thank youing going on right now. Passed
The proposed budget is available to the public at the city web site, the library, and else where. June 7th and 14th is public hearing unless some other thing comes up.

-Item 5 This is dealing with the road up near Seven Peaks. The Master Plan guy is saying it is right to keep the road on the plan. Lets see, I closed my computer a good 20 minutes ago. The guy is going on in a monotone voice. But now council member Cynthia Dayton is asking questions and here is what I think is a sudden insight of probable nonsense; I think she is now thinking of running after all and she is going to push to have this road stop. She is going at the cost and the oddness of forming a road for bikes. She has driven her car during high traffic times and has had no speed interruptions. She is planning something. It's just a gut feeling but there is something brewing.
 (my back has been injured for a few days and these chairs are not helping so I may leave soon)

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